Domenica In, Arisa in tears from Venier: the strength to be fragile


Arisa accepts Mara Venier's invitation and at 'Domenica In' she shows herself strong and fragile at the same time, letting herself go to tears when it comes to love

Arisa: summer in freedom, between friends, family and thoughts without censorship

Among the guests of Mara Venier, Arisa, veteran of the Sanremo 2021 Festival could not be missing. The singer, in the studio on Domenica In, appeared smiling, while not hiding a certain melancholy. Thus, he talked to the landlady not only about music, but also about his private life and the importance of learning to accept yourself.

Entering the studio, Arisa immediately showed great emotion. A lot of harmony with Mara Venier, with whom he has formed a deep friendship. In the past, in fact, the two have dined together several times and confided in each other, so much so that the presenter was able to get a clear idea of ​​the most intimate part of the singer:

I see in you an eternal child – said Venier -, a kind of female Peter Pan, with such a simple lifestyle.

He then showed her some images of the beginning of her career, when in 2008 she took the stage of the Sanremo Festival, managing to take first place. A video to which Arisa reacted with great emotion. The memory, in fact, is extremely strong:

It was too big a thing, too beautiful, "because it was just me," I said. Things can also happen to you, but then you have to support them.

And since that 2008 Sanremo Festival, Arisa has come a long way. This year she returned to the Ariston stage and once again won the esteem of viewers and industry experts. Behind his song 'You could have done more', another great artist, Gigi D’Alessio. To him, the singer dedicated affectionate words:

He is an extraordinary person, he is a generous and sensitive person. […] He told me: “I wrote a song for you, if you like it and you want to bring it to Sanremo, I'm happy”. I listened to it and told myself that I wanted to wear it, because it also concerns a period of my life.

When Arisa is on stage and sings her wonderful songs, she seems indestructible. Alla Venier, however, also showed a more fragile side, and admitted that she was not always able to see herself as beautiful, but that she still knew how to accept herself:

Sometimes I think I have a spell, I have a spell that I always have to see a little ugly. Actually beautiful, I'm not beautiful, I have this nose… but this is the source of the voice.

Not just music, but Mara Venier also tried to investigate Arisa's private life. The artist tried not to give in and slyly gloss over every question about her relationship with her boyfriend Andrea Di Carlo. Is it just extreme confidentiality or, as rumored, is there a crisis between the two? The images proposed by the presenter, however, could not resist and burst into tears.

Let's say that I am very much a believer – he declared -, I entrust myself to heaven, what heaven wants for me will be. I'm just waiting for someone to make the right choice for me, because I don't know many things. I don't know so much to choose, I prefer that things come and go. I have faith, I have faith in heaven, and it will be so.

Arisa has thus shown herself to be very strong and very fragile at the same time. And, despite the great confidentiality and the desire not to give her private life to gossip, she managed to show her most intimate part. Will he be able to find his serenity?

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