Domenica In, Carlo Verdone gets excited talking about his children Giulia and Paolo

Carlo Verdone

In the sitting room of "Domenica In", Carlo Verdone tells some touching anecdotes about his children Giulia and Paolo and gets excited

Carlo Verdone turns 70: the characters and memorable jokes

Mara Venier is back with a new, overwhelming episode of Domenica In: her Rai1 show can always boast great guests, who manage to entertain the public with laughter and emotions. This time it was Carlo Verdone's turn, who was able to give us moments of great emotion.

A few months have passed since his birthday, when Verdone celebrated his 70th birthday, and the time has come for him to take stock. A life full of successes, divided between a sparkling career that sees him as one of the most brilliant actors of recent decades and his beloved family: Carlo talked about himself in the round, without hiding his deepest feelings. Remembering her parents, she revealed how her life changed when they both left.

"After the death of mum and dad I have never been the same, I am very angry and I have lost my faith" – admitted the actor, only to be overwhelmed by the emotion in reviewing some images of his father Mario Verdone. Venier, broadcasting a beautiful film from many years ago, had to try hard not to give in to tears: “Seeing your dad, I get excited too”.

Then, speaking of his children Giulia and Paolo, the emotion returned to take over. Carlo Verdone, recalling one of the most beautiful moments of his life, told how the failure of his film There was a Chinese in a coma was a real blessing, because it prompted him to take a sabbatical: "For two years , after that film, I traveled with Giulia and Paolo. We've been to America, to the Middle East… I've enjoyed them. And there they finally realized they had a dad who was looking after them ”.

Recalling an anecdote from when his first child was still a child, the actor finally revealed his immense happiness at the idea that Giulia was able to make his wish come true. In fact, the girl wanted to travel the world, and that's exactly what she has done since she left the cinema, pursuing her passions. Paolo, on the other hand, has always dreamed of a diplomatic career and, in the meantime, has dedicated himself to some acting experience right next to his father.

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