Domenica In, De Filippi gets excited: the loss of his father, Costanzo and dedicates it to Mara


The beloved presenter talked about herself like never before in a long interview with "Domenica In" by Mara Venier

Great emotion for Maria De Filippi who let herself go to a long interview with Domenica In with Mara Venier, colleague and long-time friend, with whom she let herself go to unpublished memories and confessions. Maria, one of the most popular conductors on the Italian scene, and also known for her sober management style, from Zia Mara took off the role of a professional, giving way to a woman full of vulnerability.

De Filippi spoke of her childhood spent in Pavia with her parents and brother: a family united by strong affection and delicate balance. Very close to her father, Maria also spoke for the first time about the complicated relationship with her mother: a strong woman who taught her the importance of being independent. A sometimes rigid mother, unlike the more affectionate father figure, and just remembering the special bond with her father, De Filippi could not hold back her tears: a emotion born from the memory of her death which arrived after a year and a half of suffering , a loss that De Filippi said she never really got over.

Maria's life has been full of adventures but the biggest one is definitely the love with Maurizio Costanzo: a fortuitous and unexpected encounter that changed De Filippi forever. An unconventional and important story, born when Costanzo was still married to Marta Flavi; a relationship of which Maria recalled the day she was discovered: “We have been discovered and when you are discovered you are faced with a choice: either you stay with him or you separate. The choice obviously was to stay with him ”. A sentiment that has been able to go beyond the controversies, disputes, gossips about the age difference and the work implications and which has turned into one of the longest-lived marriages of Italian television: "With all its defects it is still my half of the apple".

An intimate interview, that of Maria and Mara, during which the two presenters unveiled an unprecedented background about the common experience of Tu si que vales. Collaboration born during a delicate working moment experienced by Venier who in Maria's job offer found comparison in a very sad professional and personal period: “You gave me the strength to be myself. Every time I went into crisis, she was the first to come to me ”.

A career made of enormous successes: from C'e Posta per Te, to Men and Women, up to Amici di Maria De Filippi: a program particularly dear to De Filippi who proudly told the importance of being able to give an opportunity to shine on many young Italian talents.

“A chat between friends”, as announced by Zia Mara, who allowed us to see the hidden sides of one of the queens of Italian television.

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