Domenica In, Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia: "Happiness is being together"

Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia celebrate the first two years of marriage with Mara Venier

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

They moved Italy with their overwhelming love story. Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia return to Domenica In to talk about these first two years of marriage. Choosing the best profile for the camera, they sat down in front of Mara Venier for a long and rich interview.

Their love begins almost by chance and with an encounter that did not predict the beginning of a love story. It is Eva who reveals that unusual detail of their first meeting of glances: “When I was married, after two years of marriage, I went to the gay village and I immediately noticed its beauty. Then a strange thing happened, while my husband was caressing me I was thinking about Imma ”.

The closest courtship was that of Eva Grimaldi, who tried to conquer his wife in every way: "I was the one who asked for the first kiss, because she did not come forward". The love has continued for many years with the blessing of Imma's family and mother, who deeply loves her daughter's wife ".

The choice of marriage was not accidental: “I'm a feminist, I'm not interested in marriage. I made this decision to give a signal, because it was a particular period and with constant attacks. I want to be with her all my life and I married her because I love her ".

A love accepted by everyone, that of Eva and Imma, who was pulled by her niece Francesca who was the first to know about their story: “We are lucky, we have two wonderful families. The grandchildren are the children we did not have ”. In fact, there was no lack of messages from their family and in particular that of Francesca, who recalled the moment when Eva had decided to open her heart and tell her what was happening to her.

The maximum happiness achieved was achieved with great effort and after a series of battles that Imma continues to wage for the civil rights of all: "I have been fighting for many years to make homosexuality considered normal. I must confess that my life has changed since Eva was around. Happiness is being with her. My life could not exist without her ”.

His wife Eva echoes: “I could not live without Imma. She is my point of reference. It was sent to me by my mother who protects me from above ". The actress can't hold back her tears when Mara Venier remembers her mother, who has been missing for a few years.

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