Domenica In, Gabriele Muccino talks about Silvio: “I haven’t seen him for 14 years”

Domenica In, Gabriele Muccino talks about Silvio: "I haven't seen him for 14 years"

Gabriele Muccino, guest on “Domenica In”, returns to talk about his brother Silvio and their lost relationship

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The new episode of Domenica In saw among the guests the director Gabriele Muccino, who talked about himself without filters, also addressing a very painful topic for him. For 14 years now he hasn’t spoken or seen his brother Silvio, and it is precisely to Mara Venier’s microphones that he wanted to briefly explain his version of events, without going into too much detail of what is still an open wound for him. .

Gabriele Muccino, the relationship with Silvio

An incredible complicity, some great successes that launched them on the Italian cinema scene, then a chasm: Gabriele Muccino and his brother Silvio suddenly drifted apart, and to date their relationship is completely non-existent. He is the eldest son to break the silence on what happened between them, in the sitting room of Domenica In. Although with great suffering, he decided to tell the story of the storm that struck his family for no reason.

“It is a page too painful and too sad, but also inexplicable” – Gabriele admitted – “A distancing that he decided to have first in relation to my parents, then to mine and finally to those with whom he had made other films”. The suffering that Silvio Muccino caused in his family and in all the people who loved him is immense: “It was a sort of napalm launch“. Making scorched earth around him, he decided to break ties with anyone, and has since disappeared.

“Traces of him have been lost, I haven’t seen him for many years. Then very serious and very sad things also happened “- explained Gabriele, referring to the heavy accusations that his brother had thrown against him, and to which he did not want to respond -” I never talked about it, because I didn’t want to lower myself to gossip, it seemed too boorish. I let people believe what he had said ”.

Gabriele Muccino: “I did everything to help him”

Gabriele Muccino suffered a lot for his brother, but now it’s been 14 years since Silvio left without an explanation, and he has slowly seen the wounds he had caused heal. Aunt Mara, with great delicacy, tried to put him at ease by offering to change the subject, but for the director it is now time to put a point on this story, talking about it once and then closing the conversation.

“The suffering I experienced was so excruciating, so dangerous even for my health that after so many years, antibodies evidently developed” – he revealed – “That mourning, that pain have passed. A natural defense of the organism to survive “. And again, he wanted to explain how he tried to take a step towards his brother: in his latest film, he wrote a character specially sewn on Silvio Muccino. A peace offer that could have at least marked a rapprochement on a professional level.

But there was nothing to do, on the part of his brother there was not the slightest attempt to put a patch on what happened in the past. “I did everything to help him, but those who do not want to be saved cannot be saved” – Gabriele admitted, with great sadness in his voice – “It went as he wanted it to go”.

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