Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio does not talk about Tatangelo: Mara is the protagonist

Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio does not talk about Tatangelo: Mara is the protagonist

Gigi D'Alessio guest of Mara Venier at Domenica In, presents the new project

Anna Tatangelo shines on Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio reacts on Instagram

Gigi D’Alessio is back more charged than ever and on Domenica In he presented the new version of his famous 1999 song "Buongiorno", this time made in collaboration with ten protagonists of the Neapolitan queen music scene.

A rhythmic song that captured Mara's attention who, in turn, let herself go to a wild dance stealing the show from Gigi and his colleagues. Known for her exuberance and spontaneity, for a moment she stopped acting as a presenter to wear those of a simple fan.

"Buongiorno" is a project made by 11 artists that also speaks of the desire to be together, united, after the delicate period experienced by Italy in recent months. A delicate moment that has also changed the rules of television: Mara, in fact, explained that she was unable to host Gigi and his complete “team” live in order to ensure everyone the right security measures. A choice that is the result of the peculiar situation we are experiencing.

The love for Naples runs strong in D'Alessio's veins, who made his strong point of "Neapolitan" blood, becoming one of the most known and appreciated artists of the South. A special bond that also unites him to the singers and musicians who have collaborated on this new version of “Buongiorno”. A project that was born with the intention of enhancing their hometown on the one hand and rap / trap music culture on the other. Precisely in this regard, Gigi, revealing the reasons that led him to create this ambitious "team", spoke of the prejudices he suffered during his very long career: "I suffered many preconceptions in pop music […] before when you sang in dialect in the car you turned down the volume, but today it gets up ”.

After presenting his new album during the last edition of the Seat Music Awards 2020, Gigi chose Domenica In to make his new project known to the general public: an intervention that came very close to the intimate interview that saw Anna as the protagonist. Tarangelo in the same transmission. A curious passing of the baton between the two, who arrived at the separation a few months ago, who have long since ceased to mention each other publicly. The rumors about their private life have always been numerous but Gigi, even on this occasion, did not comment on anything. A singular choice considering that D'Alessio, in the past, had repeatedly commented on various public statements during the first separation from Tatangelo.

It is therefore easy to think that “Hello” is a new opportunity for Gigi to rediscover his identity both as a man and as an artist.

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