Domenica In, Luciana Littizzetto excites Mara. And Maria De Filippi intervenes

On Sunday In Luciana Littizzetto Mara Venier is moved and excited by talking about her children, but the real surprise is the De Filippi video message

The appointments with Domenica In continue to be a real pleasure: the landlady Mara Venier offers really intense moments for her audience every time. And this time one of the undisputed protagonists was Luciana Littizzetto, who excited the presenter and the audience at home.

The interview with Littizzetto came immediately after Venier's heartfelt speech, regarding the reasons why he decided to continue airing despite the fracture following a bad fall. Venier spoke of the importance of continuing to smile and it was therefore natural to connect with Luciana, a true teacher of smile and laughter.

Venier and Littizzetto have ironized about their common destinies: Luciana was also the victim of an accident and, in connection from Turin, retraced her personal odyssey made of broken fractures, all without ever losing her temper and continuing to joke about the daily difficulties he faced.

Helping her, she explained, were also her children, Vanessa and Jordan. And the interview focused on them, which not only touched Littizzetto but also deeply moved Venier.

Vanessa and Jordan are not Luciana's natural children, but they came after a complex path of foster care.

Foster care is a complicated path. In my case, he was nine, she was eleven. Even today some wounds have not yet closed. It's beautiful, but you have to adapt, you have to modulate, to be resilient. All this is needed to achieve small goals, small goals, which together give great satisfaction.

Littizzetto also explained how her desire for motherhood began: the conductor Maria De Filippi played a crucial role, with whom she had long confronted herself before embarking on this journey:

One evening I was at the home of Maria De Filippi, who had already started the experience of custody with Gabriele. I talked about it for a long time, I saw that he was happy. I, at the time, was not married and could not adopt. So I thought about custody. I had this idea of ​​accompanying a child on a piece of road and then letting him return to his natural family.

Then things went differently: applying for custody, Luciana found herself facing what would become her two children. And at the beginning it was unsettling, knowing that you didn't have to follow only one child but two, who would then go back:

I applied, things went on and two came. It was not expected but they were two brothers, they could not be divided. And I suddenly became a mother: a Hiroshima-Nagasaki stuff, they were two, all doubled. And once you're there, what do you do?

Finally, Littizzetto explained how things then evolved with Vanessa and Jordan and how important it was to hold on and never give in to the first difficulties. Moving the Venier, Littizzetto said that even she, who is always a tornado of energy, sometimes felt disoriented:

You want to make mom as mom as you can, but you feel like you can't. Everyone gives you advice, I didn't understand anything anymore. When you become a natural mom, you learn things little by little. Sometimes I felt lost. Then everything went well. And finally, Vanessa and Jordan have decided not to return to the natural family, things have gone so difficult for them, but I would lie if I didn't say that for me it is lucky.

The comedian then thanked De Filippi once again and the surprise came. Mara Venier had in fact a video message filmed by De Filippi herself, who with her speech made both Luciana and Mara smile:

Luciana, I wanted to tell you that you are special, generous, honest. That you are a good mother, that I love you, that you are a little light-hearted, but only a little. And I wanted to give Mara a special kiss, I haven't seen her for a long time and I know she got hurt. Good luck to both!

A truly extraordinary closure for an intense moment, which managed to talk about a complicated issue such as foster care without missing a smile.

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