Domenica In, Mara Maionchi talks about herself between TV and love for Salerno

Domenica In, Mara Maionchi talks about herself between TV and love for Salerno

Mara Maionchi's story on Domenica In, from music to success on TV

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Mara Maionchi is back on TV for a story of love but also of great successes. The beloved record producer is about to leave with a new project for Amazon Prime, in which she will find her friend Fedez. The show is scheduled for April 1, a date on which he also joked: “No, don't worry. It is not an April Fool's Day ".

Fresh from the success of Italia's Got Talent, which just ended with the extraordinary management of Enrico Papi, Mara Maionchi returned to the experience of Covid-19 which she successfully passed. A strong character, hers, which allowed her to win every battle with great determination. There is no room for discouragement in his life:

I have been working for 61 years, besides this I do nothing else. In the evening I watch TV, before the pandemic I had a passion for Burraco. I think very soon we will return to our usual life.

Mara Maionchi is also a grandmother in love with her grandchildren: “I have two girls and a boy. I'm a grandmother who doesn't get involved, but my grandchildren are my reason for living. My nephew Niccolò, in particular, when he sees me on TV he breaks up with laughter ”.

Many years of career behind him, made up of successes and great artists discovered. Gianna Nannini is one of his creations, as is Tiziano Ferro. With her husband Alberto Salerno, she took care of Lucio Battisti, but also of Mango.

Strengthened by the great satisfactions obtained as a record producer, Mara Maionchi has enriched her path with television success, starting from the chair of judge at X Factor that she occupied until two editions ago. Passed by Amici di Maria De Filippi and Italia's Got Talent, she is now ready for the new adventure with LOL alongside her friend Fedez and soon to be broadcast on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

In the life of the volcanic Mara Maionchi, there is also room for love. A lasting love, that for Alberto Salerno, which has continued for 45 years: "At first I had doubts, because Salerno is 10 years younger than me. It was my mother who pushed me into this relationship, which lasted over time ”. Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi are parents of two daughters and grandparents of three grandchildren.

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