Domenica In, Mara Venier gets angry: "More respect for the Pope"

Mara Venier

Mara Venier during the special episode dedicated to Sanremo points out against the claims of Elisabetta Sgarbi

Sanremo, all the valleys and co-hosts of the Festival

Domenica In, as usual, dedicates the next appointment at the Festival to the singers who finished the Sanremo race just a few hours ago. The one put in place every year by Rai's Sunday broadcast is almost an auspicious rite for the singers who pass one after the other by Aunt Mara. The presenter, as usual, has them perform directly by the Ariston one after the other to the delight of the spectators, who begin to hum all the tunes of the new songs.

This year, however, nothing is taken for granted, Venier knows it well: she, as well as the audience at home, saw what Amadeus and Fiorello had to deal with every night. In addition, the episode of Domenica In began an hour and a half after the usual time to make room for the extraordinary appointment broadcast live by Rai 1, which saw Pope Francis as the protagonist engaged in the mass held by Erbil (in Iraq), on a very demanding journey. Carrying out a broadcast is not a simple thing and the tight deadlines of Sanremo consequently also hit Domenica In, which had to deal with the schedule of the network.

This special event clearly reduced the time available to Mara to show the artists of Sanremo and it seems that the Extraliscio, invited like all the other big names to Domenica In, have been sent away without the possibility of attending the program. Elisabetta Sgarbi, producer of Extraliscio, would have given an interview to Adnkronos full of discontent for what happened, underlining the lack of respect towards the artists and the group of musicians who had stopped one more day in Sanremo just to attend the broadcast .

Mara Venier in the course of Domenica In was immediately informed of the news and visibly annoyed by the producer's statements, she took a moment live to clarify: Venier was particularly keen to point out during the transmission that despite not knowing Ms. Ms Sgarbi, what happened is only the result of the shift in planning in favor of the Mass, invoking greater respect for the Pope and that the Extraliscio were obviously invited to return when there is time to show them properly. Mara also apologized to Random and Ghemon who, due to the reduced time, will not be able to perform in this special episode of Domenica In but who are clearly also invited in the next episode of the broadcast.

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