Domenica In, Mara Venier reunites the cast of Dancing and promises sparks

Domenica In, Mara Venier reunites the cast of Dancing and promises sparks

Mara looks forward to "Domenica In" to talk to the protagonists of this painful edition of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars, waiting for the final: who are the couples playing for the victory

At Rai's home, the final of one of the most troubled editions of Dancing with the Stars is expected. On Sunday, in the living room of Domenica In, Mara Venier is waiting to talk to the protagonists who have built a real show on the track, one episode after another, unfortunately studded with injuries and numerous unexpected events.

Waiting to find out who will be the winner, Mara will give space and voice to the judges of this painful edition, who as usual, with their palettes, assigned the scores to the couples in the race, drawing the faces of the final Saturday after Saturday: Selvaggia Lucarelli , Carolyn Smith, Ivan Zazzaroni and Fabio Canino.

Milly Carlucci knows it well, who this year had to face the most disparate unexpected events, such as the intervention on the appendix of Raimondo Todaro, the injury of the unfortunate Elisa Isoardi, who despite her poor ankle was fished out together with Todaro for the final, the bumps in the rehearsal room and the fainting on the dance floor of Alessandra Mussolini, who first fell to the ground during a rehearsal of the week causing everyone to worry, and then a few episodes later she passed out in the studio after an exhausting dance test.

Without forgetting the ailments that had put the professional Marco De Angelis at the stake, forcing Vittoria Schisano to compete with the respectable substitute Samuel Peron.

This year at Dancing with the Stars there was also food poisoning that stopped the professional dancer Lucrezia Lando, forcing Gilles Rocca to compete alone for an entire episode.

In order not to miss anything, the professional dancer paired with Alessandra Mussolini, Maykel Fonts, will be forced to skip the upcoming final due to Covid-19, throwing yet another veil of uncertainty over the final of Dancing with the Stars. Mussolini, unwittingly, was one of the most talked about contestants this year. What will Milly Carlucci come up with this time to keep the show going?

Despite the difficulties encountered from the first to the last episode, the winner of this edition of Dancing with the Stars is highly anticipated, perhaps even more so given the fatigue accumulated after all these unforeseen events, and we are sure that Mara Venier will be able to celebrate him properly. interior of his Domenica In.

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