Domenica In, Matilda De Angelis "When I realized I wanted to be an actress"

Domenica In, Matilda De Angelis "When I realized I wanted to be an actress"

Matilda De Angelis, host of Mara Venier, told the reasons that led her to pursue a career as an actress.

Matilda De Angelis, the sensual actress at the center of the mystery of "Undoing – The unspoken truths"

Elegance and (a lot) of talent distinguish Matilda De Angelis, the rising star of Italian cinema. The actress, who will turn 26 on 11 September, is considered to be one of the names destined to make her mark in the international film industry. Fresh from The Undoing, a Sky TV series in which she starred alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, Matilda made herself known to an even wider audience thanks to her participation as co-host during the last Sanremo Festival, for merit of which it has attracted a myriad of acclaim.

A guest on Domenica In, the actress retraced the ranks that led her to pursue an acting career. As told to Mara Venier, it all started when, during her last year of high school, she accompanied a friend to take an audition, finding herself unexpectedly involved in the selections. The film was Veloce come il vento, starring Stefano Accorsi. Once she received the fateful call, however, Matilda initially wanted to back out. “I remember the terror I had (…) I am of the sign of virgo, let me specify, and when I was told that I should do something for which I was not prepared I said no. I said it for a month "explained the actress during the interview, continuing then:" I was terrified, because when you come from a small town in the province of Bologna, the cinema doesn't exist, you don't even know what it's like, who he does it (…) Stefano Accorsi, a very good actor, convinced me. We had a lot of fun, one day we went for a fast driving course in Adria ”. Once filming was over, however, Matilda De Angelis did not initially intend to continue her career in the world of cinema, she wanted to enroll at university. What made you change your mind? After seeing the film on the big screen, he realized that this was his life. "I realized I wanted to be an actress seeing what I had done. I owe everything to this film ”he commented.

The chat with Mara then continued bringing attention to the next audiovisual product which will see the presence of the good Matilda, Leonardo, a TV series that will be broadcast from Tuesday 23 March on Rai 1 for a total of four evenings. As specified by the actress, she will play Caterina da Cremona, a fictional character: "It is not a documentary, it is a fictional series" explained the young talent, stating that it is a thriller that traces the most significant works of Leonardo squeezing the eye on television entertainment.

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