Domenica In, Noemi talks about her change: "An obstacle course"

Domenica In, Noemi talks about her change: "An obstacle course"

Noemi, invited by Mara Venier to Domenica In, admitted her change and spoke about the path taken to reach her new awareness

Noemi, the transformation of the singer

If there is anyone who, on the stage of the Ariston, managed to attract everyone's attention, it is Noemi. Serene and radiant, she conquered viewers not only with her 'Glicine', a song she presented at the Sanremo Festival, but also with her extreme confidence. And it is precisely for this reason that Mara Venier wanted to invite her to sit in front of her at Domenica In for a long interview.

The change of the artist, from his debut until today, is there for all to see: not only in the physical, as has been emphasized several times, but also in the soul and, above all, in the look, more confident and aware. What, on the other hand, has remained unchanged, is his extraordinary voice.

I am superstitious – Noemi admitted -, but I seem to be happy. […] There are periods in life when we feel less focused, in which we have lost our goals a little more. I worked to be able to get back on my feet, and I tried to put everything back into music.

And Venier also said she saw her different, much happier and more sunny than she was in the past, underlining how much even the wounds and moments of silence are part of life and how much they can help to find oneself. Words shared by the singer herself, who said she also faced difficulties to find her serenity:

It was an obstacle course. But life is like this: cyclically we find ourselves dealing with what we have done.

Even if she admits her evolution, Noemi does not deny her past at all. Far from it, he loves to remember his beginnings and retrace his steps, starting with his participation in X Factor, passing through works with great artists, such as Vasco Rossi, up to what it is today.

His performances on the stage of the Sanremo 2021 Festival are only the first steps towards another season of professional and personal success. In the meantime, however, the emotions felt at the Ariston are still very much alive: a beautiful experience, which she wanted to face with wonderful looks, also wearing a dress worn in the past by Beyoncé.

The new Noemi shows extreme determination and a contagious desire for happiness and joy that, there is no doubt, she will be able to convey to all those who want to listen to her new album, 'Metamorphosis'. Will he come back soon to tell himself?

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