Domenica In, Orietta Berti: "I risked skipping Sanremo"

Domenica In, Orietta Berti: "I risked skipping Sanremo"

L'Usignolo di Cavriago returns to Domenica In to tell the details about the Festival

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Fresh from the social success after Sanremo 2021, Orietta Berti returns to Domenica In to tell about her music and her relationship with the public. The choice to bring a typically Italian melody proved to be a winning one, as he explained to Mara Venier: “Italian music is that appreciated all over the world”.

The extravagant looks he showed off on the Ariston stage were captured in a long video in which the fur shell with his name on the shoulders also appeared. As he recalled during the interview, the clothes worn at the Sanremo Festival also represented a risk for Orietta Berti, who had to explain to the police for having breached the curfew.

The emotion also won her husband Osvaldo, who has always followed her and in every step of her career. Paterlini, often mentioned by Orietta in her interviews, is also used to give her various advice on interpretations: “You have to be less technical, you have to try to get more excited”.

Orietta Berti was also on the verge of giving up the Sanremo Festival, when she had the Coronavirus. "I risked skipping Sanremo – he explained – I was very ill". The fear of being left without a voice resolved in the following weeks, in which she recovered completely. The Emilian artist thus decided to participate in the competition, in which she took part with When You Are In Love.

Away from the Ariston stage for 29 years, Orietta Berti returned to Sanremo by chance, after her manager decided to enter her in the competition with several songs. When You Are In Love, chosen for the race, it is his love story with Osvaldo but also that of all of us. The official video linked to the song is ultra-modern, with 3D images and figures.

Orietta Berti also revealed her greatest wish, which has already been fulfilled. The Nightingale of Cavriago celebrated its first 54 years of marriage, crowned by a sensational return to the stage of the Ariston Theater. His voice and his interpretation made everyone agree, audiences and critics alike. The conquest of young people was the biggest victory: Orietta became the queen of social networks thanks to her charisma and her daring looks. The outfit with the shells on the front is incredible, also featured in a cult video broadcast on Domenica In.

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