Domenica In, Romina Power forgets Al Bano da Mara and goes wild

Romina Power leaves the hospital: on Instagram she reveals that she underwent knee surgery

Romina guest in the Venier lounge. In great shape, smiling and cheerful: will it be thanks to a new love?

Mara Venier ends this Sunday in how she started it: hosting Romina Power. A presence that brought her luck, kicking off a triumphal Sunday edition of RaiUno, the same one that Mara defines the most beautiful of her life.

Romina must have contributed to bringing her positivity to the broadcast. In fact, the singer appeared decidedly fit.

Full of energy, Power enters Rai studios for the last episode of Domenica In, with her daughter Romina Jr. The two perform in a wild Despacito. The other two children of Al Bano and Romina are absent: Crystel, pregnant in the seventh month of the second child, who was unable to face the trip from Croatia where she lives with her husband, and Yari, who currently lives in Spain.

A moment to recover from the unbridled dances and the two old friends, host and guest, are ready to exchange confidences. Mara Venier immediately compliments Romina, tells her how well, fit, smiling she hasn't seen her in a while. Power does not hide and confirms:

Yes, I'm very calm right now. I live a very retired life when I'm not on television or on business. I live in the desert, where I dedicate myself to my hobbies: I paint, write, and defend elephants.

But Mara is not satisfied with the answer, she wants to know a little more, she wants to know if there is something or someone in particular that has turned the light back on in her eyes. And the confidence between them is such that Aunt Mara does not turn around us: "But do you have a new partner?", She asks curiously.

Power taunts, smiles, then jokes: "No no, I don't feel with anyone, I don't send photos to anyone," she says allusively.

"Don't you also have a partner you don't know?" Jokes Mara Venier, and Romina: "No no, I don't write to myself and I don't send photos with anyone". The reference to the Prati-Caltagirone affair arouses the hilarity of the public, and Mara closes with a joke: "Enough, let's not talk about it anymore that you can't take it anymore".

Despite the irony, however, doubt about the possible secret of Power remains in the air. But Mara has prepared a surprise for her friend: a beautiful film that traces the love story of her parents, one of the most beautiful in Hollywood history. When her father, Tyron Power, died, Romina was only a seven-year-old girl who lived in boarding school. The pain was so great that it removed all the memories of that dad known to viewers around the world, but unknown to his daughter. Romina, then says, that it took twenty-five years to know, through the testimonies of friends, that father and to have discovered only in this way what a special man he was.

A special man like the one that Romina then looked for all her life. After the long, intense and tormented love with Al Bano, has the American artist now met someone else just as special?

On the amazing shape of the mother, the daughter Romina Jr also intervenes, who confirms:

I also find it very well, I haven't seen it for two months and I find it in full form. Maybe I know what her secret is: she got together with Mark Caltagirone's brother!

The curtain closes between laughter, but the light in Romina's eyes seems to leave no doubt.

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