Domenica In, Romina Power shines in blue and jokes about Al Bano. And Mara Venier is amazing

Domenica In, Romina Power shines in blue and jokes about Al Bano. And Mara Venier is amazing

Mara Venier inaugurated the new season by interviewing the former Mrs. Carrisi and Loretta Goggi

Mara Venier, her unforgettable summer waiting for the return of Domenica In

Mara Venier is back in the Rai Fabrizio Frizzi studios to inaugurate the season on Sunday In 2020/2021. Welcomed by the song by Vasco Rossi Eh Sì, he dedicated the new edition of the program to Corrado Mantoni, the first to conduct it. Visibly moved, she welcomed two women very dear to her: Romina Power and Loretta Goggi.

"I insisted a lot on having them": with these words, Aunt Mara announced the entry of the two friends. After a few improvised dances to the notes of Maledetta Primavera and Ci Sara, Power, splendid with a bright blue dress, and Goggi sat in front of the 'hostess', who introduced the chat by revealing an unprecedented detail on the past of the two artists.

Aunt Mara has in fact started leafing through a photo novel featuring a very young Loretta Goggi and the singer Christian. The screenplay? Signed by Al Bano and Romina, who has shown not to remember this parenthesis of his artistic curriculum. “I have written several novels but not a photo novel”: this is how Power expressed herself just before asking Mara what drives her to host the Rai program every Sunday.

Between comparisons with Charlie's Angels and jokes about age – Mara Venier pointed out that they are all Libra and that their birthdays are approaching – a moment dedicated to the environmental sensitivity of Romina opened, who spoke about Casimiro , a bull he saved from slaughter and for which he seeks a farm.

"She fell in love … she talks about Casimiro as she talked about Al Bano, with a clear eye": Romina Power responded to this amusing exit from the hostess, perfectly capturing the irony and specifying that her ex-husband is of the sign del Toro (Al Bano Carrisi was born on May 20, 1943). "I went from the sign of Taurus to the real bull": with this biting phrase Romina Power closed the parenthesis dedicated to the bull Casimiro, following which Loretta Goggi began to tell about the love for Pillo, the poodle of her sister Daniela.

During the interview with Mara Venier – who also saw Loretta Goggi talk about the beginnings of her career as a very young actress and the film commitments that await her – Romina Power was able to recall another detail from her past with the Cellino singer . Power has in fact revealed that her and her ex-husband's voice actors in the 1967 film Nel Sole – have married.

Su Al Bano continued to confess, claiming that she was spoiled by her ex-husband during their marriage. When Mara asked her if she somehow missed all of this, Power – who also remembered her beloved missing sister – clearly expressed her point of view on the matter.

“I think I continue my life alone. I could no longer live with another man. I have my children, my grandchildren and I don't want to disturb this balance. I no longer have the time and patience to devote to another companion ": for Romina today love has a different face from that of Al Bano and any other man and is nourished by art, spirituality and a special relationship with children and grandchildren, born from the love between Crystel Carrisi and her husband Davor.

romina-power "width =" 1217 "height =" 694 "srcset =", 694 1217w,,171 300w, /sites/3/2020/09/romina-power-.jpg?resize=768,438 768w, resize = 1024,584 1024w,,249 436w, -content / uploads / sites / 3/2020/09 / romina-power-.jpg? resize = 1080,616 1080w "sizes =" (max-width: 1217px) 100vw, 1217px "><p id=Romina Power during the first episode of the season on Sunday In 2020/2021 – Source: Rai

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