Domenica In, Romina remembers Al Bano's mother with Mara

Romina Power leaves the hospital: on Instagram she reveals that she underwent knee surgery

Live from Cellino San Marco, Romina Power told herself in a long interview on Domenica In

The last episode of Sunday In gave us great emotions: on the occasion of Mother's Day, Mara Venier spent time with her guests to spend the best moments spent with the family. Huge was the commotion of Romina Power, who was able to review the images of her mom.

After the splendid interview with Antonella Clerici, who revealed beautiful surprises about her future on TV, Mara Venier connected live with Romina Power to give us other great emotions. The artist is in Cellino San Marco, at the Apulian estates of Al Bano Carrisi, where she was stuck at the end of her engagement on TV with Amici 2020. This news had given rise to numerous rumors about a possible flashback, soon denied by the singer.

Romina herself told a little more about this period: “I installed myself at the home of my son Yari. Cohabitation is good enough, there are enough rooms for everyone to have their own privacy ". And again: “I lived this period as a spiritual retreat, I did a lot of meditation, many walks in the green. I was lucky enough to be able to go out into a garden. With Yari I did things we hadn't done since he was a child: picking lemons, lighting the fireplace, cooking together ".

The interview with Romina continued, between one accident and another. During the connection, in fact, a video operator fell while trying to avoid being reflected in the glass behind the Power. Mara's concern was immediate: "Aunt's love, did you hurt yourself?" – asked the operator. Fortunately nothing serious, apart from a small bruise in the knee. Shortly thereafter, Romina lost the video connection and could no longer see what was happening in the studio. But the emotions are certainly not finished here.

Cristel Carrisi made a wonderful surprise to his mother, reading her a poem written by herself, and then connecting live. A few moments later Yari Carrisi was added, giving life to a real family reunion. There was no shortage of memories for mother Jolanda, Romina's mother-in-law to whom the artist was very close. And at the end of the interview, Mara launched an appeal that surprised everyone: "I wish you were here for the last episode of Domenica In". In this regard, the presenter also revealed some wonderful news: the broadcast should have ended on May 28, but an extension has already been requested until June 28. So many, overwhelming emotions still await us.

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