Domenica In, Sabrina Ferilli tells her story without filters. And he speaks of De Filippi

Domenica In, Sabrina Ferilli tells her story without filters. And he speaks of De Filippi

Sabrina Ferilli, guest on "Domenica In", retraced her career and her private life

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

The appointment with Domenica In, the Rai1 show that keeps us company during the weekend, is renewed. Once again, Mara Venier managed to surprise the public with many exceptional guests, who indulged in exciting and amusing anecdotes between career and private life.

After having remembered with great sadness her collaborator Carmela, who passed away due to Covid, the presenter wanted to turn the page and give viewers a moment of lightheartedness. Thus, he welcomed Sabrina Ferilli into the studio: the Roman artist, with her overwhelming sympathy, told herself without filters and managed to get a few laughs from Venier. "I strongly wanted to be an actress, mine was an approach of passion" – revealed Ferilli – "I never thought I would feel unsuccessful if I hadn't been an actress, I also had other passions, but it was definitely my first choice “.

In fact, her career took off with a little effort: "I was born in Rome and raised in Fiano Romano, I attended the Experimental Center of Cinematography and did some auditions, but they didn't take me. They said I was too Italic ”- explained Sabrina -“ You are disappointed because they are the no who reach 20 years, but they are needed ”. And, after this difficult debut, life has paid off in a big way. Her talent emerged in the early 90s, when Ferilli made her cinema debut alongside some of the most famous names on the Italian scene.

From Paolo Virzì, with whom he worked in La bella vita ("It was our baptism, the first important film for both of us"), to Paolo Sorrentino, in that masterpiece that is The great beauty, passing through some television successes such as Commesse : the Roman actress had a brilliant career, and still a bright future ahead. In telling about herself, Ferilli decided to get naked: “I'm difficult, I'm not satisfied and I don't like easy relationships. I'm not light, because I always have to think. Do you know that diplomacy that is sometimes needed, when it is said to find a meeting point? I have never found this meeting point ".

The interview then turned into a real comic curtain, when Mara Venier attempted to teach Ferilli how to post a photo on Instagram. But there were moving moments: "Do you remember when I gave you the news that I would be back on Domenica In?" – asked the host. And incredibly Sabrina was excited, on the verge of tears: "Professionals must be rewarded. if this does not happen, there is something not right. So I was happy, because you are very good ”.

Naturally, during their chat, Ferilli also spoke of Maria De Filippi. The two are linked not only by a solid professional relationship (just think of their participation in Tu Si Que Vales as jurors), but also by a deep friendship. Sabrina is always a victim of his jokes, sometimes really treacherous: "Maria you know her better than me, she has fun like this" – explained the actress – "She loves to surprise her guests. Not all of them, those he loves most make them suffer the most ”. And, returning serious, she added: "He is a very intelligent person and he is always there. Having her friend is a great thing ”.

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