Domenica In, Tatangelo tells the new Anna. And it talks about Gigi D’Alessio

anna tatangelo

The singer of Sora, guest of the first episode of the new season of Domenica In, spoke about her recent stylistic and musical change

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Archived the interview with friends Loretta Goggi and Romina Power – who recalled the birthday of her sister Taryn and spoke of love – Mara Venier, radiant and smiling, welcomed Anna Tatangelo to Domenica In's studio. Gorgeous as always, the Lazio artist confessed with an open heart.

The singer of Sora, who has an 18-year career behind her that began with the victory at Sanremo Giovani in 2002 with Double Fragile, spoke of her parents and her beloved brother Giuseppe, often featured in the photos of her very popular Instagram profile.

"Your brother is beautiful": to this statement by Venier, Tatangelo said that Giuseppe often causes a massacre of hearts. The 'hostess', who declared that she saw her guest more relaxed and serene and that she knew the suffering she experienced recently, specified that, several times, Anna found herself facing the rumors of those who had exchanged the 35-year-old for her boyfriend.

During the chat with Mara Venier, Anna Tatangelo also had the opportunity to talk about her recent musical and aesthetic change (she has given a change to her hair style in recent months, choosing a wonderful blonde).

“Actually the real Anna came out, the one you see today. She smiles more, has fun and has more or less found a balance on many things ": this is how the splendid singer commented on the recent artistic choices and the 'header', realized thanks to her historic hairdresser.

The beautiful 33-year-old, who sang her latest hit Guapo in Venier's studio, revealed that Gigi D'Alessio, over the long years lived side by side, was fundamental in helping her learn Neapolitan (the song sees her duet in dialect with the Neapolitan rapper Geolier).

Anna Tatangelo, who received the compliments of the Venetian presenter during the interview, enchanted Domenica In's studio with her undeniable talent and determination. Perfect in interpreting a musical genre different from those explored so far with her seven albums, Lady Tata is a new woman and an artist who, while keeping the unforgettable 'suburban girl' in her heart, is not afraid to experiment .

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