Domenica In, the suspension risk averted: Mara Venier will be broadcast

After the risk of suspension due to a Covid case, the good news: Domenica In will be broadcast regularly on March 14th

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Danger averted: at the end Domenica In will be broadcast regularly as scheduled and on March 14 at 2 pm we will be able to attend a new episode of the Mara Venier show.

The news of a possible suspension had started to run on Friday 12 March, after TvBlog had revealed a preview of the chaos that would take place behind the scenes due to a case of Covid with which the editorial team of the program had entered into contact during the trip to Sanremo last week, when Mara Venier and all his staff had broadcast from the Ariston for the special dedicated to the protagonists of the Festival.

A triumphal episode, which recorded amazing ratings, but which could cost the broadcast of this twenty-seventh appointment.

It all started when Pino Strabioli tested positive for coronavirus, after having had contact with other members of the production team on Domenica In, including imitator Vincenzo De Lucia, who also tested positive in the subsequent control test. The entire staff, including the host, was immediately subjected to the usual swabs, which at first were negative.

To establish whether the episode of March 14 should have been suspended or not, it should have been the second round of swabs provided for by the protocol, which, according to what TvBlog always reveals, would have given a negative result again, effectively sanctioning the definitive go-ahead with respect to to the broadcast, which therefore remains confirmed.

Domenica In will therefore be broadcast regularly, as usual at 14, with all its parterre of guests, which includes the usual update on the pandemic and vaccines with Professors Matteo Bassetti and Pierpaolo Sileri, but also the part dedicated to the show, with others protagonists of the Sanremo Festival such as Arisa, Annalisa, Noemi and Aiello, but also Greta Scarano, who is experiencing a golden moment between participating in the last episode of Il commissario Montalbano – The Catalanotti method, in which she gave her face to Antonia, the woman who makes the famous investigator lose his head, and the role of Ilary Blasi in Speravo de morì prima, the TV series about Francesco Totti aired on Sky from 19 March.

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