Domenica In, Tiziano Ferro da Mara gets excited: alcohol, bullies and love for her husband

Domenica In, Tiziano Ferro da Mara si emoziona: l’alcol, i bulli e l’amore per il marito

The singer talked about himself for a long time in the interview granted to his friend Mara Venier, moving in the memory of his grandmother

Art has a healing power and when she started singing everything changed, and the journey to solve repressed problems and complexes also began. This is how Tiziano Ferro told himself by Mara Venier in the highly anticipated interview with Domenica In, in direct connection from Los Angeles where the singer currently lives with his partner Victor.

And speaking of Victor, Tiziano got excited:

He is a sensitive and practical person.

Los Angeles became the singer's home, where she confessed to finding the right rehabilitation groups to fight alcohol addiction, and where she met her husband in 2019.

From the bullies met during the school years, to one of the first jobs as a backing vocalist behind the band Sottotono, up to the loss of 40 kilos and the hit "Perdono" with which the Tiziano Ferro phenomenon exploded throughout Europe. This and much more is contained in the documentary "Ferro", available on Amazon Prime Video and about which Mara spoke extensively in the interview in connection with Tiziano.

The documentary is a celebration not of pain but of solutions. It is important to emphasize the solution.

Tiziano told of his frailties, the addictions he defeated and how he went from compulsive eating to not eating anymore:

It was like dressing up every morning in a body that didn't feel mine.

The singer said that at the height of his success, he was literally dressed to "look less gay" and make him look right according to the rules that were imposed on him, triggering very dangerous mental mechanisms. Growing up, Titian understood that the solution was to break isolation and loneliness, and so he began to help others, even to help himself:

The scars are my super powers and I look at the world through them.

Mara Venier herself, who found in Titian's path some analogies with his life, admitted that by watching the documentary she understood that the message of "Iron" can reach all children, to the depths and be of help to young people who today suffer from the same problems that the singer has defeated, because now Tiziano knows: there is always a solution.

Ferro gave Mara a long and very heartfelt interview, where a few tears of emotion were also glimpsed when she spoke of her grandmother.

The singer then dedicated a message of affection to Massimo Ranieri, the artist who most influenced his own musical career, celebrating him as a real heritage of Italian music and with whom he had the honor of singing on stage of the Sanremo Festival, the stage from which the idea of ​​the cover disc released at the beginning of November was born "I accept miracles: the experience of others", precisely to celebrate the national "treasures" and music of our country.

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