Domenica In, Tiziano Ferro guest of Mara Venier: the tender dedication on Instagram

Mara Venier

Mara reveals with a sweet dedication on Instagram the guest expected for the next episode of Domenica In, Tiziano Ferro.

Tiziano Ferro turns 40: career, songs, husband

Mara Venier is no longer in the skin and, certainly, also all the fans of Tiziano Ferro, because the singer originally from Latina is the most anticipated guest of the Sunday In episode on November 15.

From the advances disclosed in these last hours, the first information leaked: Tiziano Ferro will appear on the broadcast directly in connection from Los Angeles, where she is now together with her husband Victor Allen, married in 2019.

Tiziano turned 40 this year, he is one of the most loved Italian singers in Italy and abroad and, in all probability, Venier will talk about his latest project: the docufilm "Ferro", which sees him as protagonist, shot in Italy and the United States thanks to Amazon Video, he goes through life, alcohol problems and his professional successes.

Aunt Mara, therefore, is preparing for an episode that will almost certainly make the audience boom, and does so by posting a sweet selfie on Instagram where she portrays herself together with Tiziano Ferro, who in turn has not shirked from commenting on the photograph:

Because the world without Mara is simply not good, on Sunday!

Speaking of Mara Venier, the presenter continues to be one of the most beloved faces of Italian television and it is increasingly difficult to imagine a Domenica In without her, but we can not think about it for the moment, at least until next year.

The post and the news by Tiziano Ferro, guest of his program, thrilled the users who follow them with affection, the announcement certainly did not go unnoticed and captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers. The singer's guest arrives in the same days as the debut of "I accept miracles: the experience of others", his newly released album, which was released on November 6, 2020 and is already achieving excellent results.

Sinisa Mihajlovic will also appear among the guests expected in the broadcast, ready to tell her battle against leukemia and the most recent one against Coronavirus.

Mara Venier on Instagram with Tiziano Ferro

Mara Venier announces on Instagram that Tiziano Ferro will be her guest on Domenica In

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