Domenica In, Venier takes a dip in the past with Beppe Fiorello: a tribute to Modugno

Beppe Fiorello, guest at "Domenica In", remembers the unforgettable Domenico Modugno with Mara Venier

Mara Venier returns with a new episode of Domenica In, bringing many guests among the most loved faces of Italian television to the studio. We start immediately with Beppe Fiorello, back from a very intense year from a professional point of view, and right next to the talented actor, Venier takes the opportunity to take a real journey back in time.

Just a few months ago, Beppe Fiorello was warmly welcomed in the sitting room of Domenica In for the presentation of his latest television project, the fiction The Devil's Clocks. Now aunt Mara hosts him again to talk about his new work, a tribute to a great musician of the last century: Domenico Modugno. In these days, the singer would have turned 93, and Fiorello has decided to remember him by bringing to the small screen I think a dream like this, the television adaptation of the homonymous play dedicated to him.

The appointment is for Monday 11 January in prime time on Rai1, and alongside Beppe there will be many extraordinary guests, who will accompany him on this long journey: among others, his brother Rosario Fiorello, Serena Rossi, Pierfrancesco Favino and Francesca Chillemi. Waiting for this special event, Mara Venier has allowed herself a dip in the past, thinking back to her past with Domenico Modugno.

"I met him and also, at a certain point, attended him" – revealed the presenter – "After hosting him on Domenica In with his son, the following year I took Massimo Modugno in the permanent cast. I went to their beautiful home on the Appian Way, I went at night because we stayed up late ". Beautiful memories, also shared by Beppe Fiorello: "I also went to their house, Mrs. Franca welcomed me with a radiant smile and an unforgettable hug" – added the actor.

And, to his amazement, Domenico's widow – Mrs. Franca Gandolfi – intervened by telephone: together with Fiorello, she told some other anecdotes about Modugno's glittering career and his private life, without going too far, not to ruin the surprise to the public in view of the appointment the following day. Before saying goodbye to her guest, Venier decided to indulge in one last, splendid memory.

In an archive video, he presented to viewers the images of his meeting with Domenico Modugno, during an extraordinary episode of Domenica In – there was, at his side, also Pippo Baudo. Impossible to hold back the emotion in front of those images, as demonstrated by the moved gaze of Mara Venier. And the expectation for Beppe Fiorello's show is growing more and more, which promises to be really exciting from the anticipations.

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