Don Andrea Contin, also the spiritual father of Belen at the feasts in the rectory

Don Andrea Contin, also the spiritual father of Belen at the feasts in the rectory

The spiritual father of Belen Rodriguez would also be involved in the orgies that took place in the rectory of Don Andrea Contin

Don Roberto Cavazzana, the spiritual father of Belen Rodriguez, would be involved in the red-light festivities held in Rovolo, in the rectory of Don Andrea Contin. To admit it was the same parish priest, listened to by investigators in the context of the investigation that upset the church of San Lazzaro.

The name of Don Roberto Cavazzana had ended up in all the newspapers back in 2013, when the socket had accompanied Belen Rodriguez and Stefano de Martino on their spiritual journey before the wedding. The showgirl and the parish priest had met thanks to a common friend linked to Calcio Padova and the Argentine showgirl had entrusted herself to the priest to face the sacrament of marriage.

But when media interest became too strong, Don Roberto rebelled, refusing to celebrate the wedding because he was annoyed by the continued presence of paparazzi and questions from journalists. "Marriage is a sacrament – he said – not a media carnival. I feel uncomfortable".

Initially the Don Roberto Cavazzana had been heard by the public prosecutor as a person informed of the facts, but his name appears in the complaint made by the 49-year-old parishioner of San Lazzaro, who would first reveal what happened in the rectory. When questioned by public prosecutor Roberto Piccione, the priest admitted to having taken part in the red-light festivities, revealing that he had put the camera behind him to resume the sexual performances of Don Andrea Contin with the parishioners. For now, however, it seems that the man will not have to respond criminally to what happened, given that there were no cash payments for sexual services. The man, he said, was limited to filming the orgies, but he would never have paid anyone.

Don Andrea's charges, on the other hand, remain the accusations of facilitating prostitution and private violence. According to the latest news, the woman was "sold" to other casual partners and beaten when she refused to meet the men who paid the priest to have relations with her.

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