"Donald Trump was aggressive with Melania": the revelations of the former bodyguard

"Donald Trump was aggressive with Melania": the revelations of the former bodyguard

Donald Trump's former bodyguard reveals some background to his private life and how he treated his wife Melania

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Donald Trump's former bodyguard has decided to reveal some embarrassing backstories about the Tycoon that also affect his wife Melania.

Kevin McKay recounted how his bodyguard job ruined his life and confessed that Trump still owes him $ 130 for some cheeseburgers that he asked him to buy at McDonald's, only to forget to pay off his debts.

McKay worked for Donald in Scotland and said that after five years of putting up with his taunts, arguments and outbursts, he is now still penniless. The man was fired in 2012 after he refused to carry out a series of "outrageous" requests. And he says he is amazed that the Tycoon forgot to pay him back: "He still owes me money for McDonald's. He told me he would pay me back, but he never did."

Speaking of Melania, the former bodyguard who is now 50 years old remembers that the former First Lady only went there once to visit her husband and has only words of praise for her. It was 2011 Trump asked him to pick up Melania and her son Barron at Aberdeen airport where I arrived from Paris on a private jet.

“Melania was beautiful. She seemed like a very caring wife and did everything she was told without asking questions. Whatever Trump asked her, she would do it right away. When she landed, she was worried about her husband and kept asking me if he was okay, if he slept, he ate ”.

Kevin McKay continues: “Mr. Trump was very stressed at the time. He hardly ever slept, four or five hours at the most. He went to bed at one in the morning and got up again at five. I knew it because I saw the light on in his room. " The man recalls that Melania stayed on the estate all the time. "They seemed to get along well, but Trump was nervous and often snapped at her, he was verbally aggressive."

“It has always been like that with her. One morning she offered him a coffee and he said: 'I don't want it, we'll talk about it later'. I don't know if it was the coffee that bothered him or something else. He didn't argue with his wife in front of other people ”.

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