Don’t buy a new T-shirt: just a rubber band, see what you can do with your T-shirt

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New T-shirt? No need! Here is the ingenious trick to reuse your white t-shirt in a completely new and creative way! Discover all the secrets of fashion in this CheDonna style guide!

In fashion, one of the most important characteristics is that everything can have a second life. An old bag, used jeans, and why not, a simple and bland white t-shirt can become the most particular item you have in your wardrobe. If you only know how! Discover the ingenious trick to wear the white t-shirtand you will never be separated from it!

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Do you want to know what is one of the most beautiful features in fashion? The possibility of being able to create many different looks starting from a single garment.

Let’s take the white t-shirt for example. Simple, it suits everyone, comfortable and practical to use and can be combined with literally everything.

But let’s move on to the next step. With fashion it is not only possible to create many looks with the same clothing items, but it is possible to transform the garments themselves making them become super trendy. By the way, vintage fashion: the treasures to be found in the wardrobe of our grandmothers not to be missed!

For example, how can we transform our very simple white t-shirt into a new one that is particular and trendy? Let’s find out!

Do you want a new shirt? Don’t buy it! Here’s how to make it starting from a simple white t-shirt!

Reusing an item of clothing in different ways is not only positive from a fashion point of view, but also from an environmental point of view. Being able to give new life to our clothes means not having the need to buy and being able to decrease the amount of clothes we own! The foundation for upcycling!

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and we see cHow to transform a plain white t-shirt into a new one, starting only with a plastic elastic:

  • take yours white t-shirt of cotton with short sleeves and a plastic elastic
  • put on the shirt and insert inside the sleeves as if to form shoulder pads, turning it into a tank top
  • once you get to this point tighten all the final fabric to the right side as in a fist and knot the plastic elastic.
  • the knot that will come out turn it over inside the shirt. You have just created a crop top
  • then if you want your t-shirt to become more elegant, pass inside the elastic a foulard of colored silk and make a bow!
  • New T-shirt

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    Did you like this trick? Then to the next style guide, so as not to miss all the news from the world of fashion!

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