Don't give your children advice: set a good example

Don't give your children advice: set a good example

The voice guides, but the example drags: always be a model for your children

Parenting is complex. What is entrusted to us is certainly one of the most important and complicated roles that we find ourselves playing in our life. Nobody knows how to do it, nor are we given an instruction booklet to explain how to be good parents.

The truth is that there is no manual to follow, all we know is about that great sense of responsibility, combined with unconditional love for our children. Because we know that as mothers, we are and will be a point of reference for our children, not only in the family, but in society and in the world out there that one day they will explore.

Their future depends on us, on the world in which we decide to grow and educate them and this is a great responsibility that is frightening.

The truth is that we will make mistakes, and for this reason we must not be guilty because in addition to being mothers we are human. The commitment is clear, it must never fail because we always remember that our children will take us as a reference model.

So no, it will not be enough to give advice or just say to do or not to do a certain thing, as parents we have the task of being an example, because our children growing up, will try to imitate our conduct and the behavior assumed in more different situations.

In particular, childhood and adolescence are decisive for our children, because it is in those years that children begin to become familiar with habits and cultures, with society. And that will be the period in which they will forge values, principles and traditions that will characterize them when they grow up.

Our job therefore is to not only give advice, but to act for our children. Because they observe everything and take our actions as a model to follow: therefore useless to preach verbally and then behave in a completely different way.

We must therefore be consistent, while not pretending to be perfect because it will happen to make mistakes and this is not a drama. We must always remember that our children look at us and admire us, but above all they take us as an example to follow for the present and the future.

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