Don’t throw away the socks and leggings you don’t use, turn them into a shirt

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If you have socks or leggings that you no longer use, do not throw them away, turn them into a shirt. Here’s how it’s done.

Recycling pays off always. Because? It helps the planet – and therefore we also indirectly – and makes us spend much less.

knitted leggings socks

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A recycled garment can be considered at no cost: with a few moves – often in a very short time – you can transform the same garment into another, avoiding going shopping and, therefore, spending a more or less high amount.

After all, in this historical period we should all save: inflation gives us no respite, so we can only defend ourselves in this way.

Also not everyone knows that the fashion industry is highly polluting and when we say highly we are putting it mildly.

Just consider that the world of fashion – alone – causes 20% of the global waste of water, causes 10% of carbon dioxide emissions, is responsible for 24% of insecticide use and 11% of pesticide use.

In addition, we must add that 85% of the garments end up in landfills anyway and that today only 1% is recycled.

Can we increase this percentage? Of course yes. If we all started to reinvent ourselves – and to rebuild our wardrobe from scratch – we could give a great help to the environment that hosts us.

We also consider that often recycling means giving a new life to a garment, often making it much more original.

Often, in fact, in this way you will be able to build a completely renewed garment, which you will probably be able to adapt to your needs and which can therefore be unique.

And it is no coincidence that many international brands are converting themselves by embracing sustainability.

An example? H&M, which gives the so-called H&M Members an award every time they make sustainable choices.

There are also apps that allow you to sell used clothes so as not to throw them away. One of these, now very famous, is Vinted, the platform that allows anyone who wants to buy and sell the items they no longer use.

But there is another possibility: you could instead take a garment and transform it rather than selling it. The choice is equally sustainable.

For example, do you know that from a simple pair of socks or leggings that you no longer use you can make a sweater (also very trendy too)? That’s how.

Here’s how to turn leggins or socks into a shirt

How to transform a pair of socks or leggings into a shirt? It really is very simple, it takes a few minutes and it requires no seamstress skills at all. Anyone can do it.

knitted leggings socks

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There are actually several ways to do this, it also depends on the fabric. The best thing to do though is to start by taking some very sharp scissors and cutting near the feet.

In this way, by eliminating the spikes, you will get the sleeves of your shirt (leaving them you would not know where to put your hands).

Then you can fold your tights or your leggings on themselves, take the same scissors and cut close to the horse, being careful, however, to create a circular hole. There she’ll basically go the head, so that’s where you’ll have to tuck them in, so don’t make a hole too small.

At this point, before moving on to the next step, a tip if you are using pantyhose: take the transparent nail polish and pass it in correspondence of all the holes you have created. That way they won’t come loose either when you wear them or when you wash them in the washing machine.

That said, your shirt will be ready to wear. In case you have chosen socks, you will get a I see effect – I don’t see extremely sensual, however, in the case of leggings, you can play with colors and patterns. In any case, the result will be surprising. Seeing is believing.

And if you really can’t do without making new purchases, but you don’t want to spend too much, here are the accessories of the moment at a low price.

If, on the other hand, you want to experience the thrill of recycling, this is the right way to start: these steps are really easy to do.

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