Don’t throw away your plastic tubs, just recycle them, the result is amazing

Vaschetta di plastica

If you have plastic trays at home that you no longer use, rest assured: you can reuse them this way, so you don’t have to throw them away.

Plastic pollution it’s a very serious problem, which cannot and must not be taken lightly.

Plastic tray

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To understand its scope, just think that 37% of this waste worldwide it is either not managed at all or it is poorly managed.

What does it mean? That remains in nature. And in so doing it pollutes the earth, seas, rivers and so on.

The plastic that is not disposed of, does not disappear into thin air by itself, it breaks down into tiny parts that remain in the environment.

To realize the extent of the problem, know that on average a plastic bottle it takes about 500 years to disappear, but it is not even clear whether it eventually reaches 100% complete degradation, or after that time there are still some micro-fragments left.

That said, what can we do in our small way? First of all we should try to reuse what we apparently do not need, or to recycle it.

The difference between the two concepts is fundamental (and it is not even as subtle as we think): in the first case, we use something that has not yet become waste, in the second case something that already is.

One thing we can do without any kind of problem is to recycle the plastic trays that we no longer use. How? Here are some very simple methods.

How to reuse plastic trays

Recycle the plastic trays – for example, those of fruit – that we no longer use it’s really that simple.

Plastic tray

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The roads that open up before us are really many. First of all, one thing we can do is to make them into storage. We can essentially use them to put various objects inside them that we don’t know how to keep.

Another alternative is to glue on a plastic tape (so as to reuse this too): in this way you will get a container that you can hang on the tap of your kitchen to contain the sponges you use for washing dishes. And again, we can use it to contain the rolls of toilet paper.

But it doesn’t stop there, because we can make our own plastic tray a jewelry box.

How? We place inside some pieces of cardboard (which we can decorate as we want to be able to make them also aesthetically nice), which we will use as separators and the game will be done.

Also, if you have small children in the house, you could turn it into a piggy bank. How? Cut out a line from the blanket (which will be the slot in which you will put the coins) and cover everything with a fabric painted as you like.

Another idea requires a series of trays that are all the same, but without lid. We will have to take a cardboard box, remove one of the wider sides and fit them inside by placing them one on top of the other.

Once this is done, we will have to decorate both the box and the trays as we wish, taking care to add polystyrene balls on the short sides of the trays in plain sight, which we will decorate anyway.

The latter will act as a knob: in this way we will have obtained a chest of drawers in very few steps.

And if you have glass bottles of peeled tomatoes at home that you no longer use, know that you can safely reuse those too.

In any case, the most important thing is to remember to try not to throw away what can still be used.

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