Don’t you like Laura Pausini’s makeup at Eurovision? Here because!

Don't you like Laura Pausini's makeup at Eurovision?  Here because!

Laura Pausini’s make-up during the first evening of Eurovision 2022 divided make-up enthusiasts: why didn’t everyone like it?

When a very famous person decides to change his historical look it is always a small trauma. This is a bit like what all Laura’s fans have recently experienced, but also those who are passionate about cosmetics.

Laura Pausini Eurovision


Laura Pausini is the typical Mediterranean woman: hair dark, skin clear and very marked facial features. In particular, the distinctive feature of the singer’s face is an aquiline nose that characterizes her face in an unmistakable way, without altering the overall harmony of her face.

For the color of her complexion and her hair Laura Pausini is the typical Winter Deep woman, category in which, according to the color scheme, women with very high contrasts fall.

The beauty of women in this particular sub-category of winter is enhanced by make-up with bold colors, especially on the eyes or lips.

Also as regards the wardrobe, the winter woman is one of the few who can afford to wear black without being “crushed” by this color but, on the contrary, wearing it very well.

Also very saturated and very intense colors they look great in her wardrobe and the shocking pink that Laura has chosen for Eurovision is certainly one of them.

So what’s not to like about Laura’s makeup from the early evening?

Laura Pausini’s risky choice at Eurovision: a total look graphic make-up

Eurovision is an event much loved and followed by young people from every nation in Europe and also outside our continent. For this reason, the looks of the presenters, and especially Laura’s, were oriented towards the latest style trends. A nice change from the Pausini we knew!

make up laura pausini


In fact, the singer has always opted for a very classic make-up played on neutral tones. The black, gray, cold browns and reds (always cold, of course) are among the colors she has always favored and which certainly look better on her.

This type of make-up, however, as far as it can be considered beautiful, classy and timeless, it could give the impression of being “dated” and even “already seen”.

Precisely for this reason, and perhaps also with the intention of amaze his fans, Laura opted for a completely different image.

Instead of focusing on tried and tested combinations of super classic colors, Laura has decided to focus on a single color applied to eyes, cheeks and lips: fuchsia.

This type of make up is referred to as monochrome makeup and it is made very often, both by VIP make-up artists and millions of women all over the world. Normally though you opt for much less vivid colors, more neutral and easy to confuse with natural skin tones.

In this way, “total looks” are created that are easy to wear every day and literally on all occasions. In the “super fast” version you can also opt for the use of one product for the whole face, just like our grandmothers did.

Obviously, however, Eurovision is not an ordinary occasion, so Laura has bet on a extreme color.

The eye make-up, even if nuanced, he made his eyes appear smaller without giving particular depth to the gaze.

Furthermore, thehorizontal trend of the gradient created a sort of “T” together with the nose that accentuated the length of the latter.

laura pausini


In the end, the lips were probably the wrong color, too light. Laura actually wears nude makeup on her lips very often, but in that case the effect is very refined and very sophisticated.

For a more “pop” event, the singer has focused on the color that can be considered the quintessence of pop: the shocking pink.

It worked? Absolutely not. Proof of this is the fact that when she wore a darker lipstick, definitely more in her strings, her appearance from Snow White Pop has conquered everyone and everyone.

red makeup laura pausini 04-15-2022


What can we learn from Laura’s make-up slips? That pop makeup is not for everyone, and perhaps it is better to leave it to the very young because it hardens the features. But also that change at all costs is never a good idea. On super special occasions it is better, really much better, to focus on a make-up that fully reflects us.

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