Don’t your children like English? Use parenting guides

Don't your children like English?  Use parenting guides

Help your children study English with #Mammacheconta guides full of tips and practical advice

Help your children study English with’s #Mammacheconta guides! The “parents” section of the platform offers tips and practical advice to introduce your children to the foreign language.

For the youngest, knowledge of the English language is no longer a surplus, but a basic skill, necessary in every context. However, while it is compulsory learning, as a parent you can make it as stimulating and enjoyable as possible.

Spelling exceptions, irregular paradigms and the bugbear of phrasal verbs, in fact, risk turning the study of English into a mechanical, boring and flat exercise. That’s when songs, games and TV series can come to your aid! Because English is not only needed if you are traveling abroad. Show your children how a good knowledge of the English language brings benefits in everyday life and not only once they have crossed the Italian borders, or in front of a tourist on vacation in Italy. And it is important to start familiarizing yourself with the foreign language from an early age, as Micaela Antognini, founder of a language training school in Milan, also suggests.

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of your role as a parent and run for cover. The solution? The #Mammacheconta guides by Redooc, practical advice applicable in everyday life to mitigate this aversion towards the study of English.

Who doesn’t like TV series?

Do your children perceive English as an “other language” distant from everyday life and from Italian? Invite them to reflect on their favorite cartoons, movies and TV series: if they were dubbed from English, what would it be like to see them in their original language?

And that famous song that they love so much and that has become the summer catchphrase? Read together the text and the words of which it is composed. Why don’t you sing it together? Karaoke is one of the best exercises for learning new vocabulary and improving pronunciation. In the Parent Profile you will find the guide full of these and other tips to help your children study English! The section is also complete with guides dedicated to mathematics and Italian.

Redooc English for all learning styles

Follow the many ideas offered by the #mammacheconta guides and encourage your children to take an unconventional and creative approach to studying. Redooc helps students struggling with English with interactive exercises and video lessons that combine stories and concrete examples, through simple and informal language.

Try the English lessons with your children on Redooc: grammar and literature for primary school boys and girls; listening, reading, writing and speaking tests for secondary school students.

To accompany each post, the relative audio reading in the form of video or with the help of Text to Speech. This tool also facilitates students with reading difficulties, such as the ability to choose the type of font with which to read the lessons and related texts. The platform offers the possibility to customize the font to increase accessibility even for pupils with SLD.

Follow the advice of the guide and have fun with your children with the Redooc quizzes to make them fall in love with English from an early age!

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