Dora Moroni, what she does today

Dora Moroni, what she does today

Famous singer and soubrette of the 70s, Dora Moroni has long been absent from the small screen

The name of Dora Moroni will bring to mind the good old days to some nostalgic who remembers her incredible television success in the late 70s. Then the soubrette was forced to leave the entertainment world due to a terrible accident. Besides, what happened to her?

Dora Moroni, born in 1954, has always had a great passion for singing that she has cultivated since she was a child. During a musical event he met Corrado, who chose it as a soubrette for the transmission Domenica In. It was 1976, and the career of the young valley seemed to promise very well indeed. Still, her first love convinced her to leave the small screen aside to become a singer. Dora also participated in the Sanremo Festival 1978, returning on TV in the following months to end the season of Domenica In, which was left without her soubrette.

Unfortunately, a dramatic event occurred on a July night of the same year. Due to a car accident that saw her jump out of the window, she remained in a coma for six weeks and then was forced to undergo a very long hospitalization, during which the doctors did everything to restore her use of the word – the functions of the language were in fact seriously compromised due to trauma. Moroni's career seemed over, yet she got up with a lioness courage and returned to television in the early 80s, while publishing a new 45 rpm.

However, family commitments brought her away from the broadcasts again, with the exception of a few hosted at the most famous sitting rooms in recent years. And it is precisely at Live – It is not D’Urso that, in June 2020, Dora returns to tell something about her life, revealing the economic trouble that afflicts her. After undergoing an eye surgery that did not go well, the ex soubrette has sued the hospital, but has lost and is now forced to pay a rather large monetary penalty. To cope with this expense, Moroni told Barbara D’Urso that she was forced to sell the house in which she lives, and that she inherited from her mother.

In the many bitter vicissitudes that have seen her protagonist, Dora has always been able to count on the support of her family. First of his mom, who was at his side after the terrible accident and throughout the recovery period. Then her husband Christian, also a singer, from whom she divorced in 1997, and her son Alfredo, who also made her a grandmother. But now she has to face this new adversity, and it was Barbara D’Urso who gave her a longing for hope.

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