Double chin: the exercises to correct it

Double chin: the exercises to correct it

It is a common flaw, but with a few tricks it can be attenuated and hidden

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In English it is called double chin, but even if in this way it seems more trendy, in reality we are talking about a rather unpleasant blemish with which it is easy, sooner or later, to find oneself to deal. The double chin, the excessive roundness that compromises the oval of the face, is quite common even among the celebs, who often resort to some surgical "help" to get back to the top.

The double chin is generally caused by the action of the force of gravity combined with the passing of the years: the cells produce less collagen, the substance that keeps the tissues toned, and these tend to relax. The skin therefore loses elasticity and no longer remains well attached to the chin and jaw. There are other factors, however, that can favor this imperfection, first of all the hereditary disposition and the extra kilos.

How to try to remedy the double chin and keep the neck long toned? Excluding "invasive" methods such as filler and cosmetic surgery, a weapon at our disposal is gymnastics, which tones the muscles and thins the face. Perform the exercises we offer you in the video – maybe twice a day – every day for a month and you'll notice the results.

Furthermore, the skin of the neck is often neglected during the normal beauty routine. It's a big mistake because it's very delicate and needs specific care. Combine gymnastics with a thorough cleaning and the regular use of a moisturizing tightening effect, which acts on the skin, firming it, improving its compactness and redefining the contours of the neck.

Finally, to make the double chin appear less noticeable, remember to assume an adequate posture, so keep your head and shoulders straight and your chin slightly turned upwards. Moreover, to distract attention from this part of the body you can put on some simple tricks. Use long necklaces with particular pendants and prefer low-cut garments – even if only slightly – to opaque garments such as scarves and turtleneck sweaters. This is because in this way attention is distracted and the eye of the beholder falls away. For this reason, a good solution can be a hairstyle gathered at the top, like a disheveled and slightly cottony bun. No, instead, to very long dangling earrings that attract attention right on the "incriminated" point.

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