Dpcm, gyms still closed: sting prices on DIY

Dpcm, palestre ancora chiuse: stangata prezzi sul fai da te

The gyms are still closed, many small domestic fitness spaces have been created to continue playing sports

Sports at home, how much does it cost? With the ongoing health emergency, many activities, which were previously carried out outside the home, have moved into the home: from the office to the related business meetings, making smart working more and more frequent, up to sports activities.

And it is precisely on this last aspect that a monitoring carried out by the European Union of Cooperatives (Uecoop) sheds light, which signals that with the gyms closed due to the Covid emergency, the race for DIY sports at home, with the prices of equipment for training at home, which have increased by up to 50% on online shelves and shop windows.

"The failure to reopen with the yellow zone after months of mandatory lockout has put pressure on the wellness and sports sector, which nationally is worth about 10 billion euros a year with 16,146 facilities from north to south of the Peninsula between gyms and wellness centers – explains Uecoop on Istat data and the Milan Lodi and Monza Brianza Chamber of Commerce – and involves over 120 thousand operators, based on the data that emerged at the latest wellness fairs. The pandemic has also sent the cooperatives that manage sports facilities into crisis and which – underlines Uecoop – must continue to bear the costs of maintenance despite the ban on opening to the public ”.

There are many Italians who practice sports, from Uecoop data they amount to 20 million: individuals who, with the gyms closed, either have not practiced any sport anymore or have had to find alternative solutions such as home fitness spaces and this, according to what reported by Uecoop, has caused equipment prices to jump higher.

But what are the most popular activities?

Thanks to an analysis of the European Union of cooperatives, based on Istat data, it emerges that one in 4 sportsmen (25.2%) is dedicated to gymnastics, fitness, body building or aerobics, 23% plays football and more than 21% are fond of water sports.

"The expense for a small home fitness station – highlights Uecoop – reached 457 euros with increases of + 57.5% for dumbbells with weights, + 30% for the bench press and + 58.5% for the exercise bike ". Then Uecoop also underlines: "If then there are different sites for the same type of product, the differences are even stronger: 2 cast iron dumbbells go from 40 to 160 euros or the discs of the 5 kilos weights jump from 7.50 euros to 44 EUR".

Finally, Uecoop warns: "And while the shelves are empty, and the words" out of stock "or" not available "appear online, we must also beware of scams with offers on the Internet that do not arouse suspicion for exceptional discounts or goods that are too cheap but which, upon receipt of payment, extend the shipment by several weeks and then deliver junk of various kinds including tarot sunglasses instead of weights and dumbbells ”.

In fact, it is possible to do physical activity at home even without having to have special equipment. A good example is HIIT training, consisting of high-intensity exercises mostly carried out in bodyweight, such as squats, planks and push-ups. While on the most beautiful days, a simple walk is enough to regain well-being and good humor.

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