Dr. Migliaccio's unbalanced diet: you lose 4 pounds

Dr. Migliaccio's unbalanced diet: you lose 4 pounds

A diet based on simplicity dedicated to those who often eat outside the home

We know, the adjective "easy" for a diet immediately makes you suspicious. Don't worry, there are easily feasible dietary regimes that are made especially for the woman of today, always connected and always in a hurry that because of work or a thousand commitments is struggling to eat quietly at home.

Dr. Migliaccio's diet has a great peculiarity: the absence of the use of the balance. Yes, that's right, you won't have to calculate the amount of pasta to be eaten by the milligram, you won't have to be afraid of chopping off the portion of vegetable every day because this diet, as already pointed out, is made to be easy, simple to perform and usable For all life.

No restrictions, just some rules that come directly from our dear Mediterranean diet and that are perfect for any person in good health, in the case of particular diseases it is always good to consult your doctor before starting any diet.

Pietro Migliaccio is a doctor and president of the Italian Food Science Society and his diet counts about 1,200 calories a day and, once the ideal weight is reached, it is possible to continue to follow it by gradually adding more calories daily, increasing the quantity of planned foods.

The general tips for following this diet are few and simple: the cooking methods to be used for meat, fish and vegetables are baked, steamed or grilled. Only once a week can you fry with extra virgin olive oil. One of the most interesting tricks lies in flavoring each dish with spices rather than salt, a tasty and healthier alternative to better enhance foods with new tastes to try and mix.

From the food point of view it is possible to include eggs and cheese in your diet at most once a week and potatoes and legumes are not considered as a side dish but as a real alternative to pasta and bread.

All the foods that can be eaten in Dr. Migliaccio's diet are simple to prepare and store because they are dedicated to those who have to put them in an airtight container and take them with them during the day. Foods that are too complicated and processed are forbidden, but the go-ahead is for meat and fish combined with side dishes of raw vegetables or cooked in quantities to taste.

The best thing about this unbalanced diet? The possibility of inserting sugar and sweets for a snack or after dinner: it is possible to taste 20g of biscuits, chocolate or a mini-size ice cream a day. In short, more than a diet it is a lifestyle based on balance and good habits that teach us from an early age. The important thing is to eat balanced, do not overdo the portions and feel free to enjoy the largest number of vegetables as long as they are cooked and seasoned as healthily as possible.

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