Dr. Phil's diet, burn fat and lose weight

To lose weight and stay fit you have to be motivated, says Dr. Phil in the trendiest diet of the moment

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Motivation is everything. This is the premise of the diet devised by Dr. Phil, television writer, psychologist and former athlete, famous in the United States for his eponymous and much followed show.

Why is Dr. Phil so loved by the public? It is soon said, his approach to obesity is behavioral as well as nutritional. Indeed, motivation plays a fundamental role in this process.

Dr. Phil's diet includes a program rich in vitamins and minerals, exercise and dietary supplements to support food balance. This diet can be summarized in 7 key principles which, according to Phil, represent the perfect path to get back into shape and avoid the annoying yo-yo effect.

The motivation, as mentioned above, is the basis of everything: without, probably, a person would not be able to bring the diet to an end. We need a proactive approach to the path we are about to take and to remove negative and self-destructive messages is the key to everything.

It is also necessary to have self-control and above all not to consider food as an outlet in response to negative emotions, such as loneliness, stress and boredom.

Even the environment that surrounds us is important: in view of his diet, Dr. Phil recommends freeing up the space in which one usually lives (home or office) from unhealthy snacks and junk food.

The fourth key principle of this diet concerns the control over food eliminating those bad habits that we have been carrying on for some time, such as forgetting to eat, or worse, ingesting anything without distinction or attention.

We must also focus on two other factors, the first concerns the choice of food: we must opt ​​for healthy meals and a high nutritional intake. Dr. Phil offers a list of twenty "clean", non-industrial and refined foods, such as chicken, turkey, eggs, cereals and quinoa. The second, instead, refers to physical exercise that must be introduced into everyday life in a balanced way, without excessive efforts.

Finally, support, not only from those around us. Dr. Phil recommends setting up a food diary to keep track of all progress. If you think you can follow these seven concepts, then maybe this is the diet for you. However, before starting, always ask for your doctor's advice.

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