Dr Shelton's diet, you deflate and lose up to 5 kg

Based on the theory of natural hygiene, this diet gives ample space to the consumption of vegetables, nuts and green tea

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Dr. Shelton's diet is a diet that allows you to deflate and lose up to 5 kg in a short time.

Its creator is Herbert Shelton, one of the most important American exponents of alternative medicine. Born in 1895 and died in 1985, he is also considered one of the major advocates of raw food and therapeutic fasting.

The diet he developed is based on the theory of natural hygiene and stands out above all for the ample space given to foods of natural origin and little elaborated. Dr. Shelton also advises avoiding sweets, as they are difficult to digest and ferment in the intestine.

Another feature of the regime is the dissociation between protein foods and carbohydrates. Among the guidelines we also find the fact of consuming only one type of protein per meal. Having said that, let's see what a hypothetical menu provides.

The day of those planning to follow Dr Shelton's diet should start with a glass of mineral water drunk on an empty stomach. As for the breakfast itself, Herbert Shelton recommends consuming an orange and two boiled eggs.

His diet also includes a mid-morning snack, which should feature around 30 grams of walnuts. In general, Shelton strongly recommends their recruitment and this is hardly surprising. There are numerous scientific evidences that remind us of how beneficial walnuts are for health. A study conducted in 2014 by an active team in the department of biochemistry and microbiology of the Marshall School of Medicine in Huntington even discovered their potential for cancer prevention.

Returning to the menu of the diet prepared by Herbert Shelton we recall that for lunch you can opt for a salad of carrots, beets and spinach, to be accompanied with a cup of lentils and a glass of fruit juice.

For dinner, 200 grams of boiled chicken and lettuce per side are fine. A cup of green tea should be added to these foods. Before going to bed it is possible to consume a fruit (everyone is fine except the banana).

Praised for the balance between the different nutrients and the presence of green tea (known for its antioxidant properties), this diet should only be started after seeking the advice of your doctor.

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