Dream Kate Middleton: the one who hides her 5 thousand euro dress from 10 years ago

Kate Middleton leaves Earthshot breathless with the lilac Alexander McQueen dress she debuted in 2011. The secret trick to make it still trendy

Kate Middleton: The lilac dress is the same as 10 years ago, but she is even more beautiful

Kate Middleton, increasingly royal star, leaves you breathless with the 5 thousand euro Alexander McQueen dress (4,290 pounds to be exact) that she wore for the first time 10 years ago. And it teaches us how to give new life to clothes that are even a decade old, without ever going out of style.

Lilac evening dress

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Kate Middleton and William walked the green carpet on the occasion of the Earthshot award, aimed at raising public awareness on green issues to protect the planet, a theme on which the Dukes of Cambridge are focusing their efforts. After Jenny Packham’s gold dress with which she conquered even Daniel Craig, Kate has once again seduced the world with a sophisticated evening look, with the difference that the latter is already 10 years old.

Kate Middleton, the Alexander McQueen dress from 10 years ago

To be consistent with the themes addressed at the gala, the Dukes presented themselves with recycled looks. William wore an unusual green velvet jacket with a dark turtleneck, an outfit that earned him the comparison with 007. While Kate surprised everyone by presenting herself with a long lilac dress, with a wide and fluffy skirt and a precious pearl belt and crystals. The jewel dress is signed Alexander McQueen, Lady Middleton’s favorite brand for special occasions, and was worn by the Duchess for the first time at the Bafta in 2011.

Once again Kate proves that time has not passed for her and that the three pregnancies have changed her physique little, as she has repeatedly presented herself in public with garments that have belonged to her wardrobe from the beginning of her royal career. But not only is it a question of style, the Duchess of Cambridge every time she recycles a look gives an important ecological lesson, revealing how to recover “dated” clothes without making style slips.

Kate Middleton, the makeup of her recycled look

The secret is all in the accessories and combinations that have the power to renew the image. In 2011, when she first wore her lilac dress, Kate wore platform sandals and a gold clutch. The hair was not gathered and aimed at the vaporous wave effect, while as a precious detail she wore a diamond bracelet. In 2021 the Duchess gave up the bag and instead of the bracelet she focused on the morganite earrings, created by Kiki McDonough in a special edition. The jewel is highlighted by the asymmetrical hairstyle that reveals one side of the face, however playing on the legendary curls of the Duchess made with her special magic brush.

Kate Middleton also renews her make-up, using pink and apricot shades that give greater shine to the complexion, restoring a more “bold” image compared to its natural look. Small details that make the difference and manage to renew a 10-year-old outfit.

Another small precaution concerns the tailoring work. Before wearing a dress of some time ago it is good to try it on and check that there are no small changes to be made to the waistline or hem to adapt it to the physiological changes of the body.

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