Dress Code: on a sailing boat

Dress Code: on a sailing boat

It is fun to pack to set sail on a sailing boat: from this preparatory phase of your holiday you will begin to breathe a different air.
First of all forget the rigid samsonite with the wheels: get yourself a soft canvas bag, which can be crushed and shaped into an under-deck niche. Then put on all those striped, navy blue, white-edged and double-buttoned garments that are too nautical in the city, without obviously forgetting practical and protective garments to deal with the unexpected.

Two warnings: the space on the boat is always small, do not show up on the dock with a set of trunks and hatboxes! The boat is socializing, but one cannot ignore the good education!

  • Swimsuits: all shapes and colors, but Papeete Beach style would be out of place. Better to focus on sports or minimal cuts. Bring all those you have, so they take up little space!
  • Shirts, shirts and beach robes: prefer light colors, you can wear them even while sailing under the heat. And then summer white is a very chic color.
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts: don't forget the blue and striped ones!
  • Bermuda shorts and shorts: in cotton and linen, for use in the boat and in port. Cute those buttoned up in a sailor style.
  • Pareo: preferably light in color, a must have to feel comfortable in a few seconds
  • Shoes: you will probably live barefoot (and for this reason they will have to be well cared for), but in addition to flat sandals (not leather!) Even a pair of boat shoes, with a light sole, can be slipped onto the bag. Your skipper may hate you if you show up with stiletto heels. It is however a good idea to remove your shoes as soon as you get on board to put them in the special basket.
  • Something nice: without exaggerating, but a minidress, a skirt and a top for a quiet evening at anchor or in the harbor for sure will be welcomed by your cruise mates
  • Sun creams: watch out for suntan oils, which irremediably grease the wooden parts of the boat
  • Indispensable: hat, sunglasses, wax and rain pants. If you are willing and willing to cooperate while browsing, get yourself a pair of boat gloves.

(in the picture: sweater and shorts Slam, Petit Bateaux costume, Timberland shoes

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