Dress code: romantic weekend

Dress code: romantic weekend

What better time to relax than on a nice spring weekend, maybe on a trip out with a special person. Whether it's a first date or one of the many outings, choosing the right outfit is fundamental to feeling at ease. Something that is not too flashy or too frivolous and that can communicate the joy of a beautiful spring day, when nature awakens and peace spreads in the air.

It is essential not to forget a few, simple, useful tips to avoid a wrong look:

– Choose comfortable clothing, which allows you to walk at ease on the edge of a lake or to improvise a picnic on a lawn. It would be rather embarrassing to unearth clods of earth as you climb a romantic hill with a 12 heel!

– Dressed "onion-like": since you don't know how it will go during the day and what you will do exactly, it is better to be foresighted and to wear light t-shirts with a mini sweater that you can put on or take off if necessary, for example passing from the lake claura to the fresh air of a boat trip.

– Prefer light fabrics, almost impalpable, with fresh and colorful patterns. The person who has chosen to spend his precious free time with you must have an idea of ​​gaiety and light-heartedness that helps him escape from the labors of a heavy week.

– Choose a light and natural make-up and above all no strong and intrusive perfumes, which in the long run could make people around you sick.

– And above all: smile, smile, smile. This will be your winning weapon. Nobody likes to pass one, maybe even two days with a "musona" who does nothing but complain about anything. You are on vacation, enjoy it!

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