Dress code: weekend at the beach

Dress code: weekend at the beach

Now the summer is late and, weather permitting, we can finally spend a few long weekends at the seaside. With the family, alone or with some friend, even "special", the look must be impeccable and allow us to face long journeys by car or train, but also to have everything with us for walks on the rocks in search of a little place isolated for sunbathing, away from the crowds. So you can't miss a nice large backpack that contains all the essential accessories: thermos, solar, towel and spray to freshen up. Inevitable flip-flops that we will slip on as soon as you arrive on the beach: for the journey it is in fact more chic to wear comfortable but trendy sandals, which will also be useful for the evening at the disco or in outdoor venues. Here are some simple "tips" on indispensable items:

For the trip
– first of all, wear the costume immediately, so as soon as you arrive at the beach you can undress and dive into the water;
– a sleeveless top or a tank top will allow you to face the heat, but remember to always keep a sweater or silk scarf close at hand to protect yourself from air conditioning during the journey;
– a full skirt, fisherman trousers or, if your body allows it, jeans shorts will be ideal for you to feel comfortable;
– wedge or slave sandals, so trendy this year, will complete the travel look

For the beach:
– a flowery sundress or a transparent cover-up;
– straw hat to protect the face from the sun;
– flip-flops, better if in straw to avoid slipping just out of the water;
– Provencal bag to hold the sun glasses, sunglasses, i-pod, favorite book or magazine and the towel to lay on the bed or on the rocks

For the evening:
– if you have been invited to an aperitif or a party on the beach, a swimsuit or a monokini with a pareo will be more than enough. Staying barefoot will give your look the chic touch;
– in the premises, in the disco or in the restaurants light dresses, with high studded belts and jeweled sandals will give you that light-heartedness that befits the summer season;
– chic touch: do not wear make-up, with a tan it would be heavy and vulgar. And then, it is so beautiful the golden natural of the skin after a sunny day! If you can't do without it, put a pencil thread, mascara and glossy gloss on the lips, to give a natural effect. Absolutely banished eye shadow and lipstick.

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