Dresses to put on now and in spring: ideas for you

Dresses to put on now and in spring: ideas for you

What clothes can we wear from winter to spring? Here are some ideas

One of the most sustainable ways of looking at fashion is to use the garments we have in the closet as much as possible, then using them transversally, over several seasons. An example is the mid-season dress, which would tend to wear little and instead can be worn much more often. How to do? Here are some ideas for you.

Mila Schon dress, Sminfinity cardigan, Maison Margiela ankle boots, Chloé bag, Le Seine & moi faux fur, Bos glasses

Dresses to wear now and in spring: the patterned dress

If the fantasy has a fresh and bright color, you can safely wear it even in winter. All you need to do is dress well so you don't get cold. Put on a soft knitted wool cardigan, a coat and a pair of boots, to be worn with opaque tights. If you are cold, add a hat: a beret or even a fedora or a wool cap.

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Dresses to wear now and in spring: change the colors with which you match it

If in winter you wear a suit with dark shades of black, burgundy, dark gray and brown, in spring you can wear it using pastel tones, whites or neutrals. Accessories also make the difference: opt for the leather color for a more springy look and for black for a more wintery look.

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Dresses to wear now and in spring: the sheath dress

Regardless of the color, the sheath dress is definitely a four-season garment. In winter you can wear it with opaque stockings, knee-high boots, a blazer and over an oversized coat. During the mid-season you can wear it without tights, if it is warmer also with slingbacks or low décolleté and on top you can put a denim jacket. In summer, however, you can wear a barefoot sandal and a straw bag. The sheath dress is just a dress that fits everything!

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Dresses to wear now and in spring: the dress with balloon sleeves

In mid-season you can wear it with a coat or blazer over it. In winter, instead, opt for a teddy bear coat and wear a pair of boots on your feet. I recommend the opaque stockings!

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