Dried fruit: nuts, peanuts and almonds do very well

Dried fruit: nuts, peanuts and almonds do very well

In the kitchen used for the preparation of sweets or simply eaten as a snack, dried fruit is good for health and reduces mortality

Dried fruit is consumed especially in the kitchen in the preparation of desserts or pests. Peanut butter
it is energizing and is often used by athletes. In cosmetics, almond oil has various uses from body care to hair treatments. Recent studies have shown the beneficial effects of dried fruit: walnuts, peanuts and almonds do very well, if taken daily at the end of lunch or as a snack during the day they reduce mortality. It is sufficient to take 30 grams per day to prevent many diseases.

A group of American and Chinese researchers recently conducted a study involving 200,000 adults from different countries. From 5 to 12 years they underwent a daily consumption of dried fruit. At the end of the study it was observed that a daily use of oily fruit, in particular peanuts, reduce mortality and cardiovascular diseases. Seven nuts, (which correspond to the miraculous 30 grams) are sufficient to have an adequate supply of mineral salts such as iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, fatty acids and compounds that play an important antioxidant role.

When it comes to dried fruit, Christmas immediately comes to mind, and it is in this period that it is sold in huge quantities. There are many desserts characterized by the presence of dried fruit as the main ingredient. Nougats, cantucci, pan pepati are just some traditional Christmas sweets. During the year out of habit we avoid consuming dried fruit, instead it should never be missing on the table. On the market there are different qualities of walnuts, peanuts and almonds. In supermarkets you can find fresh in the fruit and vegetable department, or on shelves stored in vacuum bags.

Nuts are not very practical, however it is possible to find mini packs of dehydrated or dried fruit to put in the bag and eat it when you are suddenly hit by the bite of hunger or just to give yourself a moment of pleasure. Dehydrated fruit has nutritional values ​​similar to dried fruit, you must pay attention to the label to accept that it does not contain sulfur dioxide, used as a preservative and check if the presence of sugar is among the ingredients, sometimes it is used to camouflage the quality poor product.

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