Drinking tap water is good. And we explain why

Drinking tap water is good. And we explain why

Consuming tap water is an excellent idea: it is more controlled and has less risk than bottled water, and is a more economical choice.

The benefits of water: fitness, purification and massages

Are you among the people who drink tap water or bottled water? Although we think that bottled water is healthier, there are so many good reasons to drink tap water.

Stricter checks
Tap water has limits to the most severe unwanted substances compared to bottled mineral waters. In particular the tolerance threshold coincides in the case of aluminum, arsenic and nickel, but not for manganese, where the limit for mineral waters is ten times higher than that of the mayor's water. A problem, however, can derive from the state of the pipes that carry the water up to the house tap: the old corroding pipes release some harmful substances, such as lead. Check that your building's pipes are in good condition.

Microbiologically safe
Tap water is microbiologically safe because it is treated with chlorine (which in modest quantities is not dangerous to health), and checked periodically. If you have any doubts, be aware that the data concerning water analysis can be found online for each municipality.

Contains calcium
We complain that tap water is "harder" because of limestone; it is true, but it can be filtered to avoid this inconvenience and not all ills come to harm: this water contains calcium, a microelement that helps keep bones healthy and more. Only if you have malfunctioning kidneys, the presence of calcium can be a problem, for a healthy person there are no contraindications.

No risk related to plastic
The plastic bottles used for water are generally made with a material commonly known as PET, whose incorrect use or reuse can lead to the formation of dangerous substances. Several studies have shown that there may be the release of toxic and carcinogenic molecules from PET containers to water, especially if the bottles are exposed to sunlight or heat sources.

Good for the wallet and the environment
Tap water is cheaper than bottled water: avoiding buying bottled water can save several hundred euros over a year. Not only that, bottled water pollutes, whether plastic packaging is used or glass bottles are used. In the first case due to the difficulty in disposing of the plastic, in the second because the transport from the factory to the sales points, the bottling operations and the recycling of the glass have an impact on the environment.

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