Drusilla Gucci, between bones, ghosts and the search for true love

Drusilla Gucci, between bones, ghosts and the search for true love

Drusilla Gucci confesses to Barbara D’Urso, between macabre collections, ghosts in the bathroom of the house and the expectation of true love

Drusilla Gucci, heir to the famous fashion dynasty, among the revelations of the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi, guest of Barbara D'Urso on Sunday Live, confessed between love for the family, macabre collections, haunted house ( he had already revealed it on the island, this time he added new details) and (fake) love with Damiano. Because she, true love, is still waiting for him.

Drusilla confessed to being sorry that her family will be talked about in a film just for a crime story. And in front of a Barbara D’Urso halfway between curious and thrilled, he added details about her much talked about collection of bones: "I put them all in my room, in my ossuary. I have my famous cat skull, the horns of a roe deer, the penis bone of a racoon (raccoon, ed), found in America "

While on the subject ghosts, he specifies: “A sensitive friend of ours told us that she felt sensations entering our bathroom at home. After all, our house, a large residence in the countryside, surrounded by the forest, is a thousand years old ".

But the blonde heir confesses that she is not afraid and is actually at ease, among bones and ghosts. Maybe it is because of what it has not yet managed to find true love among the living ”. We, for the record, find it delicious …

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