Dry and chapped lips: remedies to have them always hydrated

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Cracked lips? Here are the best products for dry lips, DIY remedies and how to always have soft and hydrated lips, even in winter

With the arrival of the first cold and as we approach winter, the lips are affected by the low temperatures and, above all, by the strong wind. If you always have dry or chapped lips, here are tips and remedies, even do-it-yourself, to always have them soft and hydrated. Between scrubs, masks and balms your lips will return smooth and soft in a short time but, above all, you will protect them from the cold and wind to prevent them from cracking and cracking again.


  • Do a lip scrub regularly
  • How to make a DIY lip scrub at home
  • Do not bite or pull on the cuticle for any reason
  • Use lip masks when they need extra hydration
  • Your best friend is lip balm – here’s how and when to use it
  • Avoid matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks when you have very chapped lips

Do a lip scrub regularly

One of the remedies for dry and chapped lips is to gently remove dead cells and cuticles. The scrub is an ally for smooth and smooth lips and, thanks to the oils contained within, it helps to nourish and hydrate them as the first initial step. On the market there are different types, the most classic are certainly those in the jar. With more or less natural ingredients and variegated fragrances, they have larger or finer grains, but it is always better to opt for the latter which are more delicate.

Just take a small amount of product with dry fingers, massage gently on the lips and then rinse. It is applied once or twice a week, without overdoing it so as not to risk irritating the lips. However, there are also scrubs that look like real cocoa butter, with the cap and the pack that turns, to be passed directly on the lips. Another type of scrub, however, are those in the tube that is squeezed directly on the lips and then massaged with the fingers.

How to make a DIY lip scrub at home

Another way to exfoliate your lips is to make a DIY lip scrub at home. It is really easy and it takes very few ingredients that we all have in the kitchen. It is prepared fresh every time you want to use it, about once a week, with simple refined white sugar, which has smaller and more delicate granules. Just add a little honey and create a mixture with a not too liquid consistency, otherwise it will run, also helped by the fact that with the heat of the lips the sugar tends to melt a little. However, it shouldn’t be too dry either, otherwise the scrub won’t stick to your mouth and fall off.

lips moisturize water

Alternatively, you can use oil to make it even more moisturizing, the important thing is to choose a non-comedogenic one and wash it well to avoid the formation of blackheads on the lip contour. It is used in the same way as those purchased, with the difference that certainly the home version is cheaper, even if less practical to use because to be prepared at the moment.

Frank Body Lip Scrub Scrub For Lips. Price: € 11.90 on Sephora.it

Do not bite or pull on the cuticle for any reason

Very important to prevent the lips from drying, dehydrating and splitting is not to pull with your fingers or bite the annoying cuticles. True, it is very satisfying to feel smooth lips, but you are literally taking away portions of the skin, inflaming the lips and creating wounds and cracks. You have to be patient, perform scrubs and apply highly moisturizing products with restorative power, especially in the case of cracks. The less you lick and touch your lips, the better they will be, they will avoid drying, cracking and irritating more, so the wounds will heal faster.

Use lip masks when they need extra hydration

In addition to regularly performing a scrub, another great product for moisturizing, nourishing and repairing chaps and cracks are the dedicated lip masks. There are various types, most of the time they are in jars and are applied in the evening before bed, leaving them on all night. In the morning, lips are soft, hydrated and soothed, smoother and healing.

But there are also lip patches, made just like those for the eyes. Leave on for 15/20 minutes then remove and massage the serum. On the one hand they are more uncomfortable because for the shutter speed you cannot talk or move too much to prevent them from falling, but they are a real panacea if you want an intensive and quick treatment and you have little time, perhaps before making the makeup or go out.

Mulac Lip Care Sweeting Mask. Price: € 13.90 on Pinalli.it

Your best friend is lip balm – here’s how and when to use it

How to forget the lip balm? It is the most classic and used product when it comes to chapped lips. Perhaps it is one of the beauty products not only used the most, but one of the first to be used since we are small, to repair the lips in winter and protect them from wind and cold. Nowadays there are all kinds of them, from the cheapest to those enriched with active ingredients and valuable ingredients.

Those in the jar are best used at home as a treatment, usually they are more effective because they are more nutritious, but it is not a great idea to take them with your fingers while you are away from home, for a matter of hygiene. Those in a squeeze tube or the classic ones with the pack that turns are perfect to take with you and apply whenever you want or feel the need for hydration, especially when the lips are pulling.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Tube Honey. Price: € 3.95 on Lookfantastic.it

Avoid matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks when you have very chapped lips

Another tip to avoid drying your lips further is to avoid opaque and especially liquid lipsticks. In fact, they are formulas designed to last a long time and dry on the lips, therefore they contain few oils or greasy substances that tend to make lipsticks remain softer but which are easily removed. It’s not that you don’t have to use them: avoid applying them in the period of inflammation of the lips, also because the cuticles will be noticed much more. If you often suffer from dry and chapped lips, then, remember when you start wearing make-up to apply a lip mask or lip balm, leave it on and remove everything at the end of the make-up, before applying the lipstick. By doing this, the lips will already have a base of hydration and during the day they will dry out less.

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