Dry hair: causes, remedies and recommended products

Dry hair: causes, remedies and recommended products

Specific environmental conditions, bad habits, aggressive products, can make hair dry and lacking in shine. Here are the recommended remedies and products

Dull, brittle, unmanageable and with split ends: when, looking at us in the mirror, our hair looks like this, it is appropriate to say that it needs special attention.

In fact, these are clear signs of dry hair, that is, lacking the necessary hydration, but we can remedy it by taking care of it every day. As? Changing habits related to cleansing the scalp, modifying the diet and applying specific products for dry hair.


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We recognize a healthy and healthy hair at first glance: it is strong and shiny, to the point of reflecting the light. Conversely, when the hair is rough, frizzy and dull to the touch, it means that it is dehydrated. This happens when they cannot hold or maintain the right levels of humidity.

In this sense, the sebum that is naturally produced by our body has the function of moisturizing the scalp. When this is not done, the hair becomes dry, brittle and split ends appear. In addition, the scalp can become irritated more easily causing itching and dandruff. Conversely, excessive sebum production can cause greasy hair.


A large number of factors cause the appearance of dry hair. Some of these are linked to the environment in which we live, while others depend on our habits or even on age. Specifically, the most common causes of dry hair are:

  • environmental conditions. For example, living in places where the climate is dry and hot can facilitate the loss of moisture from the hair. Furthermore, frequent exposure to the sun and wind (especially if it is hot) can promote this condition. Often swimming in salty or chlorinated water also helps to dry out the hair;
  • the age. Over the years, hair produces less sebum and consequently is drier. In addition, hormonal changes related to menopause can facilitate dry hair;
  • the lack of protection. We often tend to neglect this aspect, yet even the hair suffers from UV rays from the sun, especially in the hottest periods of the year;
  • the use of aggressive detergents. Taking care of your hair also means applying the right product, that is, the one able to respect the hydrolipidic film of the scalp. Otherwise, a too aggressive detergent risks seriously ruining it and making the hair dry and brittle;
  • the use of the hairdryer at close range. The hairdryer with its hot air jet facilitates drying, but be careful, because if set to high temperatures and if it is too close to the hair, it can damage and dry them;
  • consuming nutrient-poor foods. A diet that mostly includes refined foods, rich in sugar and fat, not only compromises the overall health of the body, but also that of the scalp.


As we have seen, the main cause of dry hair is a lack of moisture, so the first thing to do to restore the shine of the scalp is to act on this front.

It's hard to do with environmental factors, but we can certainly protect them by taking precautions. Therefore, avoid exposing them directly to the wind, cold, heat and using specific hats or products, is a good remedy. Same thing if you practice swimming or if you often come into contact with salt water: in this case a hair cap is what you need.

Other remedies that we can apply right away are:

  • wash your hair on average 2 times a week with warm water;
  • wrap them in a towel after washing them to retain moisture;
  • use the hairdryer at a medium temperature keeping it at a good distance from the hair;
  • use straighteners or curling irons rarely;
  • avoid applying chemical treatments that can make your hair even drier or damage it;
  • include in the diet foods rich in nutrients such as salmon, nuts, blueberries;
  • apply products, such as masks, shampoos and specific conditioners for dry hair, therefore with a formulation rich in nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

Recommended products

To all these good habits, it is also good to combine the application of products suitable for dry hair, such as masks, shampoos and conditioners. In order to restore the natural appearance of the scalp, however, it is important that these are delicate, moisturizing and nourishing.

So they must have a formulation rich in active ingredients including natural oils and good fatty acids. For example, Argan oil is one of the main allies of dry and damaged hair. In fact, thanks to the presence of vitamin E and fatty acids, this oil originally from Morocco protects and gently moisturizes the hair, giving it the hydration it needs. In addition it has antifungal properties, also ideal in case of dandruff.

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Other ingredients that can act effectively on dry hair are:

  • coconut oil. Penetrates into the hair fibers, repairing them and improving their appearance;
  • shea butter. Thanks to its moisturizing and emollient properties, it is effective in protecting hair from sun exposure by giving it new light;
  • linseed oil. Also known for its moisturizing and emollient properties, this oil plumps the hair fibers making them stronger and shinier.

These are oils that can be used pure, diluted or may be present within the formulation of hair care products. The choice depends on the type of use you want to make of it.

Dry hair can therefore find its splendor again through daily care made of good habits and products suitable for the purpose.

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