Dry hair shampoo: how to use it for perfect hair

The hardness of the water can ruin the hair during washing: let's fix it!

The dry shampoosold in the form of powder or hair sprayallows you to show off a voluminous and fragrant hair between one wash and another.

Too frequent washing can ruin the hair, weakening it and making it drier and more brittle. Unfortunately, however, between pollution and sweat, the hair tends to get dirty quickly, taking on a messy appearance and sometimes giving off a bad smell. To overcome this problem, it is possible to use the dry shampooa particular sebum-normalizing hair spray which, while not replacing the normal shampoo, helps to keep the hair clean and to avoid having to wash it every day with water.

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Extremely easy to use, this product is a valuable ally even during travel and in all those situations in which you do not have the opportunity or time to wash your hair.

What is dry shampoo

The dry shampoo not it is certainly a new product, but it has only recently reached its current notoriety. Used since the 1970s, it was considered an extreme remedy to be used only in emergency situations such as hospitalizations. It is precisely for this reason that in the past it could be found almost exclusively for sale in pharmacies.

With the passage of time and the formulation of increasingly delicate and effective products, it was realized that its usefulness could also be extended to everyday life. Today many choose it to be able to show off a fragrant and clean hair without having to resort to washing with water every day.

Dry shampoo and classic shampoo

Dry shampoo is one hair spray, often also sold in powder form, which eliminates excess sebum and can be used when you don’t have time to make traditional shampoo or to reduce the number of washes with water; ideal for cleaning hair when it is not too dirty, in any case it cannot be considered a substitute for traditional shampoo.

Washing with water and specific products acts deeper, eliminating all dirt and nourishing the hair structure.

How to use dry shampoo

As we said, it is dry shampoo it is sold in both powder and hair spray; the application method, very simple and fast, is roughly the same.

First let’s remember that this product it does not need to be rinsed and must be applied to dry hair; precisely for this reason it can be used anywhere and at any time.

To increase its effectiveness, it is preferable brush your hair well before application, so as to eliminate all knots and facilitate the passage of the product particles. Once this is done, you can put the dry shampoo in powder on the hair, in correspondence with the line, and then distribute it all over the hair. In case you decide to use the hair spray, you will need to shake the can well before spray the product all over the hairkeeping a distance of 20 centimeters.

Depending on the product, it will be necessary wait 1 to 5 minutes before using the brush. Using the cold hair dryer immediately afterwards it will be possible to increase thevolumizing effect.

When to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be used whenever you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair with traditional shampoo; this can happen for example when you have to face a long journey or during a hospitalization. Furthermore, the hectic life of every day may not even leave us the time necessary to wash our hair properly and, even in this case, this product can be of great help.

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