Dry shampoo: here's how to use it for always perfect and tidy hair

Dry shampoo: here's how to use it for always perfect and tidy hair

Sudden invitation and hair to wash? Working video call and not very presentable aspect? Dry shampoo takes care of it, in seconds!

How many times has it happened to postpone appointments because with the hair to wash and not have time to do it, dry it and blow-dry? Or how many times have you gone out with your hair pulled back in high tails or buns held in place by kilos of gel and lacquer, because the hair was not very presentable? There is a quick, painless and effective solution to give new life to hair that is not really fresh and to wash until the next day, but not only. It is also a useful product to create volume, hairstyles and give thickness to fine hair … it is the dry shampoo, ally of many "bad hair days", days when the hair just doesn't want to know!

What is dry shampoo and what is its main use

Dry shampoo is nothing more than a product available in spray or free powder, to be vaporized or applied to the scalp and which has the power to absorb excess sebum from the hair, making them appear immediately clean and without shiny and greasy patina. Contains starch, talc and purifying ingredients that help absorb excess sebum from the hair and is so very useful in the case of a sudden invitation, when you want to have a clean hair effect quickly or is a salvation for those who wear the fringe, for not having to wash it every day. It is also a perfect trick for those with hair that gets dirty easily, because it allows you to lengthen the time between one wash and another.

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It is used without water, vaporizing or letting free powder fall on the skin, then dividing the hair into sections so as to cover the whole head. It is better to localize the application without going down on the lengths, otherwise the effect will be dry and frizzy and, above all, all hair will be dull, dull and dusty. Once the dry shampoo is applied, leave on for 1-2 minutes, then massage and rub the entire scalp with your fingers to eliminate excesses. If you have straight hair you can also brush it to remove any remnants of white powder, in the case of wavy hair or with a crease that you do not want to ruin, better direct the jet of the hairdryer.

It is important not to overdo the amount of product applied, otherwise you will see a white patina on the whole skin and the effect will no longer be of clean, but dirty, dusty hair with residues similar to the appearance of dandruff. The effect has a duration of 10 – 12 hours, i.e. a day from morning to evening, but not by acting on the scalp, but only on the hair, to get a real cleansing it is necessary to clean it with the classic shampoo.

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The ally of fine, thin and not very voluminous hair

The classic dry shampoos are composed of a white powder, but there are also colored ones, especially for those with dark hair, on whom the standard version always risks to be seen more. If the white powder is camouflaged on light hair, in fact, on black or very dark hair it gives a slightly grayish effect. So here you can use dry brown shampoos, also useful in the case of a few millimeters of white regrowth, to camouflage it, but there are also versions for light brown, red and black shades.

Dry shampoo is also useful for example after intense sports sessions, so as not to constantly wash hair that would weaken and damage or when you are sick and it is better to avoid getting your hair wet. But, another useful effect of dry shampoo is the volumizing one: going to absorb the sebum, which flattens the hair, and going to massage the powder that will stick to the base of the hair, these will appear more raised and therefore voluminous. It is a product that makes itself so indispensable for those with very fine hair or for those who do not have many, but at the same time it is also a valid ally for making hairstyles. In fact, those with fine or very straight hair often complain of a little hold because the hair tends to slip. In this case, the dry shampoo works as a "grip", making them a little rougher and more full-bodied, so that it is easier to create hairstyles and make them last longer. It's a bit like cleaning your hair, but without having to untangle it and without damaging it.

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Be careful not to abuse it or dandruff is lurking

If you use dry shampoo, however, remember that it is not a substitute for the classic wash and therefore cannot be stratified. You can use it once, maximum twice before shampooing, without abusing it, otherwise you risk occluding the scalp follicles and causing the dreaded dandruff to appear. In addition to this, it is common for the head to begin to itch, precisely because not only has it not actually been cleaned, but the product has accumulated and sedimented on the skin. And, even the eye wants its part, while using little of it, stratifying it, the whitish and dusty patina will be visible and the hair will no longer be as if just washed.

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