Dry your hair in summer: the best methods without heat

Dry your hair in summer: the best methods without heat

In the summer, drying your hair in the air is almost a must, thanks to the sun and the heat. But how can you achieve a perfect crease even without heat?

One of the nice things about summer is letting your hair dry in the air, a little for the sun and nice days, a little because the idea of ​​using a hot hairdryer on the head is really unbearable. So here it happens to leave the hair free to dry on its own, with results, however, sometimes questionable. Those with frizzy hair, those who cannot make sense of it, those who stay dry … the solution is to find a method and products suitable for their type and the result will be a perfect crease, such as with a brush and hairdryer.

A premise is a must: if you suffer from cervical or cool easily, it is better not to leave your hair completely wet and dry it perhaps behind the neck and ears, or use the hairdryer with a less strong jet and with the heat at a minimum. Also be careful, because wet hair is much more fragile, therefore you should brush it as little as possible and avoid hairstyles and elastic bands that tighten too much, because they could break them.

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Wavy and curly hair defined, volume effect

It is not true that those with curly or wavy hair have an advantage, because an diffuser is an essential tool for drying this type of hair. By not using it, you risk obtaining little volume and a not so defined blur.

First of all, to repeat whatever the method for drying hair without heat, you must eliminate excess water, possibly with a microfiber or bamboo fiber towel, which absorb the right amount of moisture and help eliminate the effect. frizzy and electric. In this way, moreover, the hair will have the opportunity to start drying and once left free in the air it will take less time for complete drying.

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After leaving your hair in the turban, remove it and apply the most suitable products for your type of hair: nourishing oils if you have them particularly dry, moisturizing milk if you do not want to weigh them down, serums and, fundamentally, products for styling curly hair. Mousses are still the most chosen products, but often tend to dry out the hair. There are alternatives, both green and not, such as creams and gels, which support the curl, leaving it soft and elastic, without a rigid effect.

Apply your combo of products by performing the "scrunch" movement, that is, taking the strands of hair in your hands, with the tips resting on the palm, and then "crumple" the strand inside, pulling it upwards, as if you were to squeeze. Let the hair dry in the air but not where there is wind, otherwise the frizz effect will be around the corner. Repeat scrunching at regular intervals until the hair is almost dry, to help the hedgehog hold itself. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, with a diffuser, give a quick pass of hairdryer with the same method and then continue the natural drying.

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Braids and Boxer Braids, for a guaranteed Beach Waves effect

If the Beach Waves effect like the sea is your favorite, an easy way to achieve it is to create braids and let the hair dry on its own. Depending on the type of braid and how much you will tighten the locks, you can get a much more defined or softer blur.

Divide the hair into two parts and form two side braids, taking care before applying styling products. The tighter the braids the more the blur will be defined and thick, but the hair will take longer to dry. For a very natural and soft wavy effect, instead, tighten the locks a little. If, on the other hand, you want wavy hair that starts from the base of the head, and not around the ears, instead of the classic braids, make Boxer Braids that start right from the hairline. Also in this case, with two side braids you will have a less pronounced effect, while making 4 or more you will be able to have much more wavy hair. Among other things, braids are an excellent method to blow-dry your hair even at night, while you sleep.

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For a fold moved by a diva, try the chignon or the Space Buns

To get a soft, voluminous and with large waves, you can instead collect your hair in a tall, tight and tight bun. In doing so, once the hair is dissolved, the effect will be smooth with a few waves, without frizz. For a more intense movement effect, instead, make two chignon on the sides of the head, perfect as a beach hairstyle in perfect festival style, the Space Buns. If instead you want to get a much more defined blur, but not in the Beach Waves style or if you are not able to make braids, try the Bantu Knots. It is a hairstyle that consists of dividing the head into various sections and creating many small chignon which, once melted, will give you a very choppy effect.

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