DSA and Guidelines for Integrated Digital Education

DSA and Guidelines for Integrated Digital Education

The Ministry of Education has published the Guidelines for Integrated Digital Education (DDI), for the resumption of September

The Ministry of Education has published on its website the Guidelines for Integrated Digital Education (DDI), provided for in the September Recovery Plan.

School plan for integrated digital teaching, attached to the three-year plan for the educational offer

Educational institutions must equip themselves, also by leveraging the distance learning experience gained over the past months, of a school plan for integrated digital teaching, which must be attached to the three-year plan for the training offer.

The School Plan must provide for the use of digital teaching in different sizes and forms depending on the grade of school.

Digital teaching integrated in the different grades of school

The DDI Plan will have to be adopted from September in High Schools, where digital distance learning will be complementary to that in the presence.

With regard to Childhood, Primary and 1st Grade Secondary School, however, the Plan is useful if there is a new suspension of teaching activities in presence due to a health emergency. In these schools, in fact, it is hoped to be able to guarantee the teaching in presence.

The activities in synchronous and asynchronous mode must be balanced to respect the learning rhythms and the necessary pauses. Furthermore, in the event of any new lockdown situations, it will be necessary to ensure:

  • a minimum of 10 hours a week of synchronous teaching with the entire class group for the first grades of Primary Schools;
  • a minimum of 15 hours per week of synchronous teaching with the entire class group for Primary Schools (from 2nd to 5th grade) and 1st grade Secondary Schools;
  • a minimum of 20 hours a week of synchronous teaching for Secondary Schools.

The technology to support digital teaching

Each school will start a survey of the hardware needs (tablet, PC) and internet connections necessary for the implementation of the Plan.

Not only for students, especially those in new first grades, but also for teachers, since not everyone has access to the Teacher Card which allows teachers to purchase teaching hardware.

Guidelines for integrated digital teaching and learning difficulties

Particular attention is paid to distance learning for female students and students with disabilities and special educational needs, for whom the pros and cons of distance learning are evident. The point of reference in these cases must be the PDP (Personalized Didactic Plan).

Where possible, face-to-face teaching with the support teacher will be privileged. In the case of distance learning, teachers must agree on the workload and allow the use of the necessary compensatory tools, for example ensuring the ability to record and listen to the lessons.

For students with SLD it is necessary that the teaching team or the class council agree on the daily workload. Any involvement in complementary DDI activities must be carefully evaluated, together with the families, verifying that the use of technological tools constitutes a real benefit for them in terms of teaching effectiveness. The decisions taken must be reported in the PDP.

The document emphasizes the importance of maintaining a constant and fruitful dialogue with families and encouraging the training of teachers on digital issues.

In particular: “the planning of teaching in digital mode must take into account the context and ensure
sustainability of the proposed activities and a general level of inclusiveness, avoiding the contents and the
methodologies are the mere transposition of what is usually done in presence ".

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